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2013-05-09, 10:13 PM

Auferstehung is a broken executioner's blade (http://users.wpi.edu/~virtualarmory/Virtual-Tour/Swords%20and%20Daggers/sword%20of%20justice/sword%20of%20justicepage.html), which holds the singular property of being practically useless as a weapon. It's surface is pitted and covered in rust, and the metal is far too soft to hold an edge. It isn't even weighted properly to use as a club. It is, in short, useless.

Until the wielder comes face to face with an undead creature. Then Auferstehung's true purpose comes to the fore.

Mechanically, Auferstehung is a -2 Longsword that only deals nonlethal damage. However, when it is used to attack an Undead creature, Auferstehung is a +5 Undead-Bane Vicious Keen Longsword, which additionally inflicts all damage as positive energy damage, harming the undead and healing the living. It may also inflict critical hits on the undead; if an undead creature would be killed this way, treat it as if it were coup de graced.

Additionally, Auferstehung may be used to coup de grace an undead creature. If it is used for that purpose, any damage that it would deal is negated, and the undead creature is instead targeted with a True Resurrection spell. The monstrosity's heart begins to beat, their blood begins to flow, and their lungs start to draw ragged breath once more.

Finally, when viewed by any spell that allows you to see magical or alignment auras, or if looked at while the wielder is using a Deathwatch effect, Auferstehung appears to be pristine, with the word "Gnade" scribed on the blade in flowing script.

2013-05-09, 10:17 PM
This...this is really cool! :smallbiggrin:

Just wondering:

You mention that against Undead, it deal positive energy damage that heals the living.

So does that mean as long as you're in combat against Undead, you can strike allies and/or yourself to heal yourself? Can they willingly "fail" and chose to get hit with every strike?

2013-05-09, 10:18 PM
Sounds neat. Any history behind it?

2013-05-09, 10:27 PM
I mentioned that because it is a Vicious weapon. Each blow dealt against an undead creature heals you for 1d6 hp.

As for history... I had the phrase "Some say that it slays monsters with the weight of mundanity, and births them back into humanity; their hearts lurching to a start, blood stagnant in veins for centuries begins to move, as lungs long unused gasp out a single blessed breath" in my head, so I built on it.

In other words... if you want a history, I can write one.