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Grey Watcher
2006-11-26, 10:51 PM
Or, more specifically, Jann (since there's already an entry for Jann as characters, trying to bridge the gap between a full Genie and a human).

I guess I should explain where this came from. I was replaying some Heroes of Might and Magic III, and one of the heroes featured in the expansion packs is Yog, whose mother was a Genie Enchantress and whose father was a human Barbarian.


Type: Humanoid

+2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, Half-Jann gain some of the cunning and insight from their Janni parent, but inherit most of their physical qualities form their human parents. [I might consider, to bring down the LA, giving them -2 in Constitution and/or Charisma, with the idea that, despite Genies getting bonuses in these areas, they don't mesh well with human physiology and such]

Medium Size

Base land speed 30ft, no fly speed

Darkvision (60ft)

Hit Die: As human (1 Humanoid hit die, replaced by first class level)

Special Qualities: Elemental Endurace (as Janni, but no damage for 24 hours) [might consider adding some of the energy resistance, but not sure]

Bonus Langauges: Any, except secret languages like Druidic

Favored Class: Any

Level Adjustment +2

2006-11-26, 11:44 PM
Sandstorm did it. Half-Janni template.
More SLA's, more ability bonuses, LA +3
That said, yours looks fine. I'd say it's even LA+1, comparing to Aasimar.