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2006-11-27, 11:18 PM
Following are a few weapons that I intend to work into a campaign setting set sometime in the near future. The PCs are police officers in a bad part of a megacity, crime is terrible, the goverment is corrupt, blah blah BLAH.

Anyway, the Police are kind of what Mad Max originally was: the only thing holding society together. Everyone is real close, and they have above average guns. Every squad car gets a shotgun and a carbine of choice, every officer a sidearm and a holdout. While the officers are free to choose, the following are what the departments provide for no charge.

I'm telling you all of this because I want these weapons to be very finely balanced with each other.

Houserule: I believe that shotguns are pitifully weak, so I've taken measures to make them more enticing. Up 12-gauge damage to 2d10, 10-gauge to 2d12, and the rare 23mm to 4d8. Slugs suffer the usual -2 attack per range increment, buckshot -1 to both damage and attack per, and birdshot -2 to damage per range increment.

I also have alter flechette ammo to extend range increments by 10 ft. in addition to the threat range increase of one. The attack penalty has been removed, and the price raised.


{table=head]Name|Damage|Critical|Damage Type|Range Increment|Rate of Fire|Magazine|Size|Weight|Purchase DC|Restriction
H&K G13(4.7mm Caseless Assualt Rifle)|2d8|20|Ballistic|60 ft.|S,A|30 box|Large|9 lb.|21|Mil (+3)
Steyr ACR (5.56mm SCF Assualt Rifle)|2d8|19-20|Ballistic|90 ft.|S,A|25 box|Large|7 lb.|23|Mil (+3)
M25 Carbine (5.56mm Assualt Rifle)|2d8|20|Ballistic|70 ft.|S,A|30 box|Large|8 lb.|24|Mil (+3)[/table]

H&K G13
A carbine version of the canceled G11 assualt rifle. It uses caseless ammunition and an innovative firing mechanism to achieve an extremely fast (2000rpm) three shot burst, with the third round leaving the barrel before recoil can act upon it.

This weapon features a three-round-burst setting. When the three round burst setting is used with this weapon, the penalty on the attack is lessened to -2 instead of -4. When used with the Burst Fire feat, it fires only three bullets instead of five and can be used with only three bullets in the weapon. This setting does not grant the ability to make burst fire attacks without the Burst Fire feat; if a character uses the setting without the feat, he or she makes a normal attack, and the extra two bullets are wasted.

Steyr ACR
Another production version of a previously experimental weapon, the Steyr Advanced Combat Rifle fires the radical new Synthetic Case Flechette (SCF) rounds. It fires what looks like a round similar to a shotgun shell, but instead of shot the weapon fires three steel "darts" held in an complex but uncomplicated SABOT system.

The stats given are to be used when the Steyr ACR is loaded with flechette rounds. If it is loaded with regular bullets, reduce its threat range to 20 and its range increment to 80 ft.

M25 Carbine
An exceptionally well made version of the M4 Carbine, it features amazingly well made components that make for an extremely efficient and effective firearm. It has a 2x nightvision scope that gives all of the regular benefits, but is also unobtrusive enough to ignore the -1 penalty that firing a scoped weapon normally imposes. The M25 has a sturdy folding stock, granting a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal it on your body.

Due to its high quality of manufacture, the M25 Carbine is always considered a mastercraft weapon. As such, it grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls.

G13: I checked Weapon's locker, and thats what they said for the burst. Overpowered? Price?

Steyr ACR: Full auto or a three shot burst? Repair check to change between the two? Comes standard with mastercraft ammuntition? Underpowered? Price?

M25 Cabine: Full auto or a three shot burst? Repair check to change between the two? Under/Overpowered?

{table=head]Name|Damage|Critical|Damage Type|Range Increment|Rate of Fire|Magazine|Size|Weight|Purchase DC|Restriction
Jackhammer (12-gauge Assualt Shotgun)|2d8|20|Ballistic|40 ft.|S,A|10 box|Large|11 lb.|20|Mil (+3)
Mossberg M-720 (10-gauge Shotgun)|2d10|20|Ballistic|50 ft.|Single|5 int.|Large|10 lb.|18|Res (+2)
Franchi ALPS (12-gauge Shotgun)|2d8|20|Ballistic|40 ft.|Single, S|4 box, 8 int.|Large|8 lb.|19|Res (+2)[/table]

Another conceptual gun that came to fruitition, the Jackhammer is a bullpup 12-gauge fully automatic shotgun. It utilizes a unique cassette of ammunition to deliver the automatic performence.

Mossberg M-720
A cannon among guns, the M-720 combines several different features to deliver as much power while remaining safe to the user. It is capable of accepting 3-1/2 inch Super Magnum shells, which Mossberg produces an extra powerful version which only the M-720 is capable of shooting safely.

When using the extra powerful and oversized shells, the Mossberg M-720 gains a +2 to damage rolls.

Franchi ALPS
An all-around reliable weapon, the Franchi ALPS has a number of small but well thought out features that make it a very desirable weapon. The first of which is the small box magazine in addition to the normal sub-barrel tube. This can be utilized for any number of things, from a holdout in case of emergency, to holding a different size of shot, to specialty rounds such a CS, Dragon, or Beanbag rounds. Shells can be loaded in this manner at any time, the user simply needing to cycle an alternate action near the rear of the weapon where the magazine is held. To accomadate the use of specialty rounds, the makers have included a pump in addition to the semi-automatic setting, as low-powered shells do not have the power to eject themselves and load the next round. The M25 has a sturdy folding stock, granting a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal it on your body.

Jackhammer: Needs more that just full-auto? High powered (blinding) flashlight? Mastercraft? Underpowered?

Mossberg: Over/Underpowered?

Franchi ALPS: Too much?

{table=head]Name|Damage|Critical|Damage Type|Range Increment|Rate of Fire|Magazine|Size|Weight|Purchase DC|Restriction
Glock 42 (10mm Autopistol)|2d6|20|Ballistic|40 ft.|S,A|20 box|Med|3 lb.|21|Mil (+3)
Protecta Pitbull (12-gauge Shotgun)|2d8|20|Ballistic|20 ft.|S|10 box|Med|6 lb.|18|Res (+2)
Calico 1080 (9mm Pistol)|2d6|20|Ballistic|30 ft.|S|50 box|Med|6 lb.|17|Res (+2)[/table]

Glock 42
The latest in German engineering, the Glock 42 combines the full-auto of the Glock 18, the powerful ammo of the Glock 20, and the long accurate frame of the Glock 24 into one superb package.

Due to its high quality of manufacture, the Glock 42 is always considered a mastercraft weapon. As such, it grants a +1 bonus on attack rolls.

Protecta Pitbull
A powerful hand weapon from the South American company Reutech. Packing large shell into such a small package has led the weapon to be rather spartan in features. One point worth noting is that it shares it's 12 gauge 10 round cylinder magazine with the Jackhammer, making the two a common pairing. Due to its heavy recoil and weight, any person firing the Pitbull one handed is subject to a -1 attack penalty.

Calico 1080
Made famouse by its large capacity submachineguns, Calico takes its talents to another extreme with the 1080. In addition to accepting the massive 50 round helical magazine, quick work with the hand ajustable parts allow it to accept a special magazine. This special magazine has two different compartments, holding 20 rounds each.

A DC 10 repair check and a full round action are required to switch the magazine style.


Glock 42: Overpowered? Price?

Protecta Pitbull: Overpowered? Switch to cylinder reloading (revolver type)?

Calico 1080: Underpowered?

In general I'm concerned about balance, how much the prices need tweaking, and my fluff abilities. I'd really like to know how I do at describing stuff. I purposely excluded descriptions of the physical looks because I am looking at finding pictures and modifying existing ones.

Oh yeah, and PEACH.

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Okay, thirty views, a day and a half, and on the second page.

If I ever expect feedback, I'm gonna have to BUMP

2006-12-30, 08:28 PM
Wow. This must be really boring...

2006-12-30, 10:35 PM
The guns look good to me, but as far as I know, switching from 3 round burst to full-auto doesn't require a repair check. In fact, I think that all you need to do is flip a catch on the gun. Or something. still, the guns look balanced to me.:smallbiggrin:

2006-12-30, 11:41 PM
I proposed that as an alternative to that. Either you get S and 3-shot-burst or S and A. Not all three at once.

2006-12-31, 07:10 PM
Repair check, but I think it should be counted as a free action, since it's a simple thumb flick.

As for the Pitbull, I'd make it simply a double barrel sawed off, but disallow use of fletchette rounds.

2007-01-01, 03:29 AM
...But it's not a thumb flick...It's the switching around of a few small parts because including burst and full would (flavorwise) make the gun too expensive/heavy and too (statwise) unbalanced.

And the Pitbull is based of the Bulldog, a 12 round 12-gauge "revolver". A sawed-off won't do any good in a situation where you might need more than a couple shots.

2007-01-01, 07:38 AM
But if you're down to your sidearm, you're in deep trouble anyway.

Modern combat rifles typically have a thumb selector to go to semi-auto and three round burst. Only the change to full auto should be subject.