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2006-11-28, 12:12 AM
I had some ideas for variant barbarians. i would love to see someone try and make these either base classes or PrCs.

divine anger: "my fury comes from the gods" helga furiesdottr
divine angers are barbarians who believe that the gods fuel their blood-curdling frenzies. usually, they venerate gods of battle and slaughter, like tempus or thor.

arcane fury: "the primal force of magic powers my bloodlust" bjork dragnblud.
arcane furies draw their destructive energy from the powers of magic. arcane furies can usually recognised by their flaming eyes when they rage. they respect no god, as they think that their power is better than those of the divine angers.

psionic frenzy: "the power of the frenzy comes from within" lars "he who sees the unseen" mindsmasher
psionic frenzies are those who draw their rage from the powers contained in the mind. psionic frenzies rarely get involved in the constant fights between the divine angers and the arcane furies.

(event) the Scream. the scream is held every four years, or as the arcane furies put it "every four winters". the scream is a time when the 4 factions (yes, 4. core barbarians are called undivided rages) put aside their differences and have a contest to see which tribe is better. one of the contests is a raging contest, where the factions choose their best frenzied warrior to show those other barbarians that they know how to rage. usually, this contest is judged by 4 commoners who have been "chosen" (read: kidnapped) by the tribes to get them to judge. treat each "judge" as being indifferent towards the contestants for matters of intimidate checks. each contestant comes into the arena (along with props) and stirs themselves into a bloodcurdling rage. roll a d12 (the barbarians best friend) to see how scary the rage was. any feats that affect rages (except extra rage) gives a bonus on the rage attempt:
Extend rage +1
Destructive rage +2 for each object destroyed
Intimidating rage: roll a d4. the result is how high the bonus is
on a roll of one on the d12, the barbarian fails to rage, yet uses up one rage attempt. attacking the judges disqualifies the contestant and causes dishonour on the tribe. the barbarian may also make an intimidate check or perform (weapon drill) to improve their score.
another event is an obstacle course, where the barbarians may smash their way through any obstacles they want to

barbarian variant post GO!

2006-11-28, 12:06 PM
what about frenzy?
killing you opponents in a blind rage would count as a +4 bonus to the D12 roll?

2006-11-28, 04:58 PM
oops. i should have mentioned that when i say rage, it means rage, frenzy and spell rage.

the barbarians do not kill unless they need to, so killing a "judge" would only dishonour the tribe. the Scream is like the olympics and the factions (i said factions because there are multiple tribes of barbarians that have different ideas) treat it as an honour to participate in the Scream. Killing the "judges" in a blind frenzy would never happen, the frenzied person just attempts to smash the props that they asked for (usually stuffed dummies of people, doors, paladin armor, the list goes on). rarely will a contestant go into the arena without asking for something to smash.

when the Scream is over, there is usually a large amount of drink is consumed. usually, whatever goes on during these contests fuels the constant battle between the arcane furies and the divine angers. in a break form barbarian tradition, the psionic frenzies don't drink, saying "it interferes with our powers" or something to that effect.

arcane furies tend to become rage mages BTW

2006-11-30, 06:03 PM
bumps. COME ON!!!!! this post needs some love and some ragers that can cast a limited amount of spells

2006-12-01, 08:12 PM
Divine Fury
Level: 1st
Replaces: Rage extrordinary ability
Description: At first level, once per day, the barbarian may call divine fury from his patron deity. It is a move action to call divine fury. In divine firy, the bar barian gains +2 Str, a +1 sacred bonus on damage rolls, and the ability to turn undead as a cleric of his level -3(minimum 1). The divine fury lasts 3+Wis mod rounds. This ability improves at the level barbarians get greater rage. At that level the barbarian gets +4 Str in a fury, and a +2 sacred bonus to damage rolls.

Hows that strike ya?

2006-12-01, 11:51 PM
nice! i was hoping for something like a barb/cleric hybrid, or a chaotic paladin. you didn't say how the divine fury progresses (is there a greater fury, tireless fury) and can feats that benefit raging be applied to this?

2006-12-02, 09:48 AM
nice! i was hoping for something like a barb/cleric hybrid, or a chaotic paladin. you didn't say how the divine fury progresses (is there a greater fury, tireless fury) and can feats that benefit raging be applied to this?

It would be easier to play a gestalt cleric/barb and call it smoething different

2006-12-03, 04:35 PM
Yeah, I would just multiclass for this, or just roleplay it. Maybe I DO think my rage is from the gods as a core barbarian.

2006-12-04, 07:55 AM
well, for your arcane fury, you could use the Rage Mage from the Complete Warrior (p72). A whole prestige class based on a BBN/SOR, with a varient rage called Spell Rage: cast damaging spells as though every level was a caster level (a BBN1/SOR6/RageMage7 would be CL 9 normally,but CL 14 while in spell rage), -2 AC (duration 3+Con). They also have an ability to overcome arcane spell failure due to armor. They get more stuff too... but I'm not going into that.

...point is you could modify this for use as a BBN/CLR PrC, or even a BBN/PSN PrC without too much effort: just find somthing suitable to replace the ability to overcome Spell failure, as neither Divine Magic or Psionics has this limitation.