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2006-11-28, 01:12 PM
Cantripize Spell [Metamagic]
You can make any spell a cantrip.
Benefit You can alter any spell to have a minimal and superfluous effect. For example, a cantripized meteor swarm spell would cause tiny little pebbles to hit someone in the face. A cantripized web spell might be used to make someone's hands slightly sticky or a cantripized fireball spell would heat a 20-ft radius by 1 degree. DM's discretion on use. A cantripized spell takes up a 0-level spell slot, no matter the original spell level.

2006-11-28, 01:31 PM
So a cantripized Summon Monster IX would summon an ant? And cantripized Animate Dead would make a corpse's toe twitch? :smallamused:

Just kidding. I like it. :smallsmile:

2006-11-28, 06:48 PM
would a cantipized blink make you blink once? or a cantripized displacement spell make you seem one millimetre than you really are. any suggestions to what a cantripized mordys disjunction would do? this should be on silly message board games, just for the sheer humour available from this spell

one more. mordenkainens magnificent mansion produces an invisible dollhouse

2006-11-28, 08:32 PM
I think the blink spell should make your eyes blink, honestly, but in a really flashy way. As for Mordenkainen's Disjunction, I honestly don't know what to do with a cantripized version of that one. Maybe tear off someone's clothing? Perhaps make it to where the next time they use the magical item, some really annoying sneezing powder comes out. BAsically, this spell allows ideas to form for what prestidigitation might usually be used for.

2006-11-28, 09:05 PM
Hmm, cantrip'd disjunction.....maybe make the target magic item flicker with light/dark?

2006-11-28, 09:20 PM
Cantripized Holy Smite, makes a little white glow around evil creature's eyes for a second.

2006-11-28, 10:37 PM
Cantripized Phantasmial Killer you have a momentary vision of being chased by clowns.

Cantripized Cantrip you spend a round in awe of your own awsome power.

2006-11-29, 01:15 AM
Any Cantripized Power Word: Not suitable for these message boards.

Cantripized Lightning: A static shock.

Cantripized Chain Lighting: A really annoying Static shock.

Y'know, this really WOULD make a fun message board game...<.<; I'm gonna go see if one exists already..

:3 I wholeheartedly approve of this feat, and any player who takes it.

2006-11-29, 01:26 AM
Cantripized Black Blade of Destruction: Summons a black toothpick to fight for you.

Cantripized Rage: Put someone in a grumpy mood.

Cantripized Apocalypse from the Sky: A bit of light drizzle in a 30 ft. area.

Love it.

2006-11-29, 01:41 AM
cantripized calm emotions: makes the target sigh
cantripized fireball: a small marble sized fireball does 1 damage
cantripized wish: 1% chance it happens, 100% of subverting the wording
cantripized barghests feast: the person loses a layer of skin, which heals instantly
cantripized explosive runes: the words explode, yet deal no damage
cantripized magic missile: fires a foam missile/s at the target

2006-11-29, 02:24 AM
Cantripized Neutralize Poison
The subject is cured of non-magical intestinal discomfort, gas, or diarrhea for the duration of the spell.

Cantripized Insanity
The subject becomes exceptionally vulnerable to catchy tunes.

Cantripized Geas/Quest
The subject suffers minor itching wherever the geas was applied if not attempting to obey the geas.

Cantripized Secret Chest
You hide a peanut shell in the ethereal realm for up to 60 days and can retrieve it at will.

2006-11-29, 05:51 AM
Cantripized Black Blade of Destruction: Summons a black toothpick to fight for you.

Cantripized Rage: Put someone in a grumpy mood.

Cantripized Apocalypse from the Sky: A bit of light drizzle in a 30 ft. area.

Love it.
Poison the tip of the toothpick, and it becomes mush more useful...

2006-11-29, 07:22 AM
Are you sure this doesn't already exist as an ability for all wizards with a little work. Characters only get so many feats.

Also from the same makers!

Fighter Feat:

Swing Left!

Now you can take any weapon and swing left. Excludes exotic weapons and two weapon combinations - for which you need a different feat.

2006-11-29, 07:52 AM
So what would cantriperized Evards Tenticles of Forced Intrusion do?

2006-11-29, 09:09 AM
Cantripized Blindness/Deafness:
A (mundane) blindfold or earplugs appear on the target (can be taken off as a move action).
Cantripized Clone
Creates a small doll that looks like you.
Cantripized Knock
Creates knocking sound on a door.
Cantripized Ice Storm
Snow falls, dealing 1 point of cold damage to creatures vulnerable to cold.
Cantripized Hideous Laughter
Makes the target smile.
Cantripized Control Weather
A small cloud appears over a target, starts raining, and follows it whereever it goes. It disappears after 1 minute.
Cantripized Move Earth
A shovel appears in the caster's hands.
Cantripized Timestop
All nonmagical clocks in the area stop working for 1d4+1 rounds.

2006-11-29, 10:22 AM
Cantripized Storm Of Vengeance: vinegar rain in 30-foot radius for 5 rounds?

Great Idea, that feat, but, as already stated above, Prestidigitation might do all these funny tricks.

(I'd like to see cast a cantripized whish, though :} )

2006-11-29, 10:39 AM
Well, the effect would depend on the spell being changed. And I don't think it'd be as...silly. At least for those things that are lowish-level already.

Example:Fireball is only Level...2? 3? Instead of an AOE blast on contact, it'd be single target only. The damage would have to go down a bit, but the thing would be more spammable. Call it 'Burn' or something. By making it a cantrip, you sacrifice raw power for many shots of it.

You could use it as a prerequisite for other things. Like...some sort of Feat that allowed complete control of the power/abilities of a spell...

2006-11-29, 10:57 AM
So what would cantriperized Evards Tenticles of Forced Intrusion do?

Pick your nose?

2006-11-29, 12:45 PM
cantriperized polymorph: target takes on the skin color of the crature

cantriperied Baleful poly morph: target ribits like a frog twice

Love it

2006-11-29, 01:30 PM
I just got a fun image of some retired level-lots sorceror putting on a fantastic puppet show. A couple of 'mage hand's to shove the puppets around, something to change voices on demand, and lots of fun cantrips!

2006-11-29, 05:52 PM
cantripized chain missile: lots of foam missiles
cantripized awaken trees: puts a non moving face on the tree
cantripized scorcher: small flame wave
cantripized reality maelstrom: rips a hole in the time/space continuum the size of a pinhole

icke, i already did the cantripized wish: 1% chance of it coming true, 100% chance of being subverted by the DM (wishing for an effreeti to grant you a ring of infinitely quickened wishes will result in the efreeti summoning YOU to grant its wishes. in the brass city, YOU grant efreeti wishes!)
oh and tola, this thread has turened into a silly game to see who can make the silliest cantrip. good idea otherwise

2006-11-30, 06:46 AM
Cantripised Time Freeze: Slows time for everyone but you for 1 full round. During this time, you gain two full turns. You also recieve a +2 to hit, and +2 to AC, due to more reaction time.

Material Component: Sand, over which the spell must be cast over. To activate the spell, throw it at the ground.

Special: If thrown at a target, that target will be slowed almost to a crawl, recieving -2 to AC, damage rolls, and attack rolls.

2006-11-30, 08:23 AM
So what would cantriperized Evards Tenticles of Forced Intrusion do?

Tickles the target. :smallbiggrin:

cantripized awaken: target grunts and turns over, before going back to sleep.
cantripized disintegrate: a layer of dust forms on the otherwise unaffected target.
cantripized hideous laughter: the target chuckles ruefully to themself.

2006-11-30, 05:56 PM
cantripized chain lightning: static shock that jumps from one person to the other
cantripized maze: a small maze appears with a metal ball (like those keyrings that seem to be impossible to solve)

2006-11-30, 06:03 PM
Wait... You cantripize wish to no good effect, and waste 5000 XP?!

No, thanks. Even for flavor.

2006-11-30, 06:05 PM
has this post been transplanted to silly message board games?

2006-12-01, 11:30 AM
Wait... You cantripize wish to no good effect, and waste 5000 XP?!

No, thanks. Even for flavor.
No, there would, of course, be no XP penalty. Grow a sense of humor man, this is a 0-level spell. There can't be any damage done, serious effects happening, or XP spent. A cantripized wish would do something mundane, like "I wish these fries had less salt on them" or "I wish my face didn't have quite this much acne." Nothing serious, man.

2006-12-01, 11:32 AM
Then put it in the feat's description.


A spell cantripized by this feat loses all material, focus and XP components.

2006-12-01, 05:02 PM
has this post been transplanted to silly message board games?

I did start an SMB game based on this, and in doing so, I linked from there to this thread.

This is just spillover sillyness.

2006-12-02, 03:00 AM
Cantripized Knock
Creates knocking sound on a door.

Or! Cantripized Knock: Jiggles the doorknob. Has been known to actually work on occasion.

I actually like this "cantripized spell" idea... as a thought of what-all prestidigitation can do. I keep hearing people go on about how great Prestidigitation is, and I'm like, "why?" Now I see why. :smallbiggrin:

2006-12-02, 04:21 AM
cantripized sanctuary: teleports you to the nearest cute animal sanctuary for 1 minute a level, that or a ghostly voice sings the theme from kingdom hearts 2 for as long as the song goes for
cantripized shadow walk: your shadow walks around
cantripized charm person: a ghostly voice sings the eastern version of the theme to KH2 in the unnapproachable eastern language