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2006-11-28, 11:01 PM
Mask of Id
This bone mask seems unremarkable at first glance. However, when donned, the mask takes form and shape unique to the wearer. While worn, the mask becomes an alter ego for the wearer. The mask appears to be a creature of the same species and with the same attributes as the wearer to divinations. It has its own history, consisting of all the actions the wearer takes while wearing the mask. The mask begins with an alignment of true neutral, but this alignment changes to reflect actions taken while wearing the mask. For the purposes of scrying spells, the wearer and the mask are different entities. Scry spell targeting the wearer while the mask is on fizzle, and scry spell targeting the alter ego fizzle when the mask is not worn.
Strong Telepathy; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item; Mind Seed; Price 24,000 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

Steam Box
A steam box is a wooden cube, roughly one foot on each side. When the command word is spoken, the box produces a constant stream of steam. The same command word stops the steam. In ten rounds, this steam can fill a room no larger than 15 feet by 15 feet. In larger rooms, the steam dissipates and has no effect. The steam generated is not hot enough to cause damage, nor is it thick enough to obscure vision. If a creature spends at least ten minutes in a room filled with this steam, it gains a +4 circumstance bonus on fortitude saves against disease for the next 24 hours.
Faint Conjuration; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item; Create Water; Price 850 gp; Weight 1 lb

Battle Scalpel
Exotic Weapon
1d2 Slashing
18-20 x2 critical
1/2 lbs
85 gp
Medics try to stay out of battle as much as possible, but war has forced doctors into the fray countless times. These ad hoc soldiers were the first to use scalpels offensively, having to fight with whatever they had on hand. After a bit of refinement and experimentation, the battle scalpel was created. A wielder proficient in its use can attack arteries to induce bleeding. On a confirmed critical, a battle scalpel cause a wound that bleeds for 1 damage each round until the wound is sealed. This wound can be sealed with a DC 15 heal check or by magical healing. Creatures that are immune to criticals are immune to this ability.

Puzzle Box
It is all well and good to put a strong lock on your treasure, but even with such precautions, valuables are often looted by would be adventures and rogues. Many novel devices and traps have been created to deter theft, but few have had the success of the puzzle box. Puzzle boxes are containers made of interlocking pieces. Without dismantling the box, it is nearly impossible to access the contents. Dismantling a puzzle box requires an intelligence check. The DC for this check depends on the complexity of the box, these DCs are listed below. Sundering or breaking puzzle boxes generally destroys the contents. Puzzle boxes are usually less than a cubic foot in volume, and can be made of wood, glass, stone, or metal. They can be crafted by a Craft(Sculpting), Craft(Glassblowing), Craft(Blacksmithing) or Craft(Stonemasonry) check.

{table="head"]Box Type|Dismantle DC|Cost|Craft DC
Simple|DC 10|30 GP|DC 13
Average|DC 15|50 GP|DC 17
Complex|DC 20|70 GP|DC 21
Diabolical|DC 25|90 GP|DC 25