View Full Version : Wizardry d20 Partial Conversion:Step Two-Professions (Classes)

2013-05-22, 02:19 PM
Some random thoughts.

d12 Fighter
d10 Valkyrie, Lord, Samurai, Ranger
d8 Rogue, Bard, Gadgeteer
d6 Alchemist, Bishop, Priest, Monk, Ninja
d4 Mage, Psionic


Heavy Fighter Valkyrie, Lord
Medium Samurai(Special), Priest, Ranger, Gadgeteer
Light Alchemist, Rogue, Bishop, Bard
Minimal Mage, Psionic, Monk, Ninja(Special)

2013-09-29, 11:18 AM
Firstly, I would suggest making mages and psionics a d6 HD, and ninjas a d8. d4 characters are /way/ too squishy.

Another idea I had formy own Wiz-conversion was using the various XP progressions from Pathfinder for the PCs. Fighters and Rogues ( the purely physical classes) would use the fast progression. Psionics, priest, alchemists, mages, bards, and Gadgeteers (the purely mental classes) would use the medium progression. Finally Valkyries, Lords, samurai, Rangers, bishops, ninja, and monks, (the hybrid classes), would use the slowest progression. This will offer you the staggered level gain system you see in the PC games.