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2006-11-29, 06:31 AM
Here is my take on a Heavy Weapons Guys. This is the classical guys from the old computergames like Quake Team Fortress/random movies, were they carry weapons to big for hand use(Rambo, Predator and so on)

So I once read a guide on PrC, and it said that you should make PrCs for use in your own game... its great to share them, but make them so they add something to your campaign. PrC is also about specialisation and making the "odd choice worth it" a.k.a adding flavour. This one does, and is tailored to the wookie that gets -2 dex, +4 str, and still chose to be the the wookie crazy about big guns - the bigger the better. E-web being the biggest, thus being the object of his dreams.(its like wielding a minigun/gatling gun)

I posted this PrC on the WotC once, and I all I got as feedback was:

it seems very combat oriented (+a rant about that was common in D&D players that play star wars. I never really played D&D)

Why it didn't have more skill stuff, like crafting and repairing the HWs

then there was a complaint about Str 16 as pre req. what do you guys think of that? an E-web weighs 38 kg. it requires at least Str 16 to consider 38 kg as a Light Load.

how is it balanced? Whould you use it...?

oh, and here it is: http://www.hum.aau.dk/~rohde03/Andet/HWG.htm


augh - there is a problem in the html file. its eats the border... I will fix it later, no time now.

2006-11-29, 07:59 AM
I've never played Star Wars d20 so not sure I can offer a lot of advice. I will say the first question you should ask yourself to see if it's balanced is "Would characters still take other PrC over this?"

If you don't see a reason why anyone would take a diffrent PrC it's probably not balanced.

2006-11-29, 09:18 PM
lower the will save, guys like this tend to be pretty stupid or fall into a firing frenzy once they start firing. fort should be higher, these guys seem to be able to basically take a rocket to the chest and keep on walking. ref i'm not sure about. on one hand, these guys need to be able to dodge weapon fire, on the other, they are carring BFGs and it is literally a big (censored) gun. anything that big cannot allow dodging

2006-11-30, 04:59 AM
As for the first post: I am pretty sure that this is only a good class for people that have the dream of walking on the battle field with some wierd looking googles, a power druid hooked up to the E-Web, slow walking forward with the gun blazing. These weapons isn't designed to point and shoot... they are small implacements that lay down fire in a area or a pattern. The same way most of a Star Destroyers weaponry can't target snubfighters, but need to rely on Point Blank Defense for that.

I think a lvl 20 straigth fighter with 2 guns would take just as many shot or more, but much more acuratly. the HWG sacrifice BAB and Fort and a lot of feats for going with the E-Web(and wierd weaps like Rocket Launchers and Flechette). Oh yeah, and when the HWG DO hit, its a galaxy of hurt. No gm should move a NPC through a threatned area.

as for the second post by knightsaline:

yeah, he should maby get more Fort. for the reflex, he suffers huuuge penealties to is mobility. Not before lvl 10(that would be 18 for a Soldier) he retains his Dex bonus to Def when shooting like that.

note that this guy get very good at handling a heavy reapeating blaster, and that in many situations its a much better choice. He takes almost no penalties when he carry this and still have his Dex bonus.

I will get the full text today... For examble what you can't see here is that only gets the Weap Profencies if he used the weap in combat. (in SWRPG you can use a weap you don't have Proficiency for, but you take a -4 penalty.