View Full Version : Please Make me some Spell based Monsters [PF]

2013-05-26, 08:09 PM
Hello everyone.
As most of us know, technology in the real world is based on observations of nature, such as how the wings of a plane are based off the wings of a bird.
Now, I would like to apply this concept to magic: spells are based off magical creatures. However, since we already have the spells, now need the monsters.
This is where you guys come in.
Quite honestly, when it comes to making monsters, I really don;t know what I'm doing. Thus, I would like to defer to you guys, who are home-brewing experts.
To help you with the concept, here are some guidelines:

1) This is for pathfinder, so use pathfinder mechanics.

2) The challenge rating of the monster should be approximately equal to the caster level of the spell (ex. a monster based on fireball is CR 5-6 while one based on magic missile is CR 1-2).

3) Only use the spells in the Core Rule Book, nothing from the new supplements yet.

4) These types are available: Aberration, Dragon, Magical Beast, Ooze, Plant, and Vermin. The other types should not be used (Humanoids and Monstrous Humanoids are more likely to learn magic, Outsiders and Fey will be covered in a different thread, Animals don't have inherent magic, and Undead and Constructs tend to be created artificially)

5) Everything must be home-brewed. No stealing from other sources.

6) One Spell per monster. The only exception is then a creature has age categories, in which case the spells need to be related (i.e. the baby has Burning Hands, the juvenile also has Fireball, and the adult also has Incendiary Cloud).

With that, I defer to you masters of genesis and artists of creation.
Please help me here.