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2013-06-03, 01:06 AM
Hey All:

I'm redesigning fighter bonus feats for my "everybody has magic" system. Give me any thoughts on any changes you'd make -- I want to make fighter bonus feats that are useful and easier to access.

"Improved" versions of fighter feats have their prerequisites eliminated, so players can access them earlier.

Step 2 of the project will be creating feats that are inspired by maneuvers. I am using the Dazing Strike feat as a template for these powers -- they will typically be usable 1x per day + 1x per 4 levels. Each of these feats will have an enhance version that builds on the existing effect.

Thanks for the help!

Blind Fight (Unchanged)

Proximity Sense
Prerequisites: Blind Fight, Base Attack +6, Wisdom 14+
Effect: You gain Blindsense out to your natural reach. Concealment is of no benefit to enemies
within this area.

Combat Expertise (Unchanged)

Prerequisites: Combat Expertise
Effect: When you use Combat Expertise, you gain DR X/-, where X is the penalty you take to
attack rolls. Opponents within your reach who damage you take X damage.

Dazing Strike
Prerequisites: Dex 12+; Strength 12+; Base Attack +2
Effect: as a standard action, you may make an attack against an opponent within weapon range. On a successful attack, you inflict normal damage, and your opponent must make a Fortitude save DC (10 + Ĺ level + Strength modifier) or be Dazed for 1 round.
You may use this ability once per day, plus one additional time for every 4 points of Base attack you have.

Pressure Points
Prerequisites: Dex 16+; Dazing Strike
Effect: When you hit with a Dazing Strike, you may inflict the Stunned or Paralyzed status
Instead of the Dazed status.
Taking this feat grants you an additional daily use of Dazing Strike.

Staggering Blows
Prerequisites: Strength 16+; Dazing Strike
Effect: When an opponent saves against your Dazing Strike, they are Staggered for 1 round.
Taking this feat grants you an additional daily use of Dazing Strike.

Improved Critical (unchanged)

Improved Disarm
Prerequisites: Dex 12+; Base Attack +1
Effect: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when you attempt to disarm an opponent, nor does the opponent have a chance to disarm you. You also gain a +4 bonus on the opposed attack roll you make to disarm your opponent.

Improved Feint
Prerequisites: Dex 12+; Base Attack +1
Effect: You may Feint as a move action. Opponents use the better of their (Base Attack + Wisdom) or (Sense Motive + Wisdom) when opposing a Feint.
Normal: Opponents normally add their Base Attack bonus and Sense Motive when resisting a feint.

Improved Flurry
Prerequisites: Dex 12+; Base Attack +6
Effect: The Full Attack option now takes a Standard Action.

Improved Grapple (Unchanged)

Improved Initiative (unchanged)

Improved Shield Bash
Prerequisites: Proficiency with Shields; Base Attack +1
Effect: You retain the AC bonus granted by your shield when you use the Shield Bash option. Shields you use during a shield bash inflict damage as if one size category larger.

Improved Trip
Prerequisites: Str 12+; Base Attack +1
Effect: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when you attempt to trip an opponent while you are unarmed. You also gain a +4 bonus on your Strength check to trip your opponent.
If you trip an opponent in melee combat, you immediately get a melee attack against that opponent as if you hadnít used your attack for the trip attempt.

Improved Unarmed Strike
Prerequisites: Str 12+; Base Attack +1
Effect: You are considered armed even when you are unarmed, and your unarmed attacks inflict damage as if they were one size category larger.
Unarmed Strikes modified by this feat inflict lethal or non-lethal damage at your option.

Combat Reflexes (Unchanged)

Prerequisites: Dex 12+
Effect: As free action, you may lose an attack of opportunity to gain a +2 Dodge bonus to AC and Reflex Saves until the beginning of your next turn.
Special: You may only activate this ability once per round, even If you have the ability to make multiple attacks of opportunity in a round.

Prerequisites: Dodge; Dex 16
Effect: While Dodge is active, you do not provoke opportunity attacks when moving out of threatened squares.

Mounted Combat (Unchanged)

Point Blank Shot (Deleted)

Power Attack
Prerequisites: Base Attack +1
Effect: On your action, before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to subtract a number from all attack rolls and add the same number to all damage rolls. This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The penalty on attacks and bonus on damage apply until your next turn.

(Power Attack may now be used with any weapon, but two-handed no longer gets x2 Power Attack)

Quickdraw (not a feat: any character with BA +5 can do this)

Rapid Reload
Prerequisites: Base Attack +1; Weapon Proficiency with any Crossbow
Effect: Reloading a Light or Hand crossbow is a free action. Reloading a Heavy Crossbow is a Swift action.

Spring Attack
Prerequisites: Base Attack +6; Dex 16
Effect: When making an attack or using the full attack option, you can split your allotted movement as you like between before and after any attack.
Special: If you have the ability to make multiple attacks in a round as a standard action, this feat allows you to move in between individual attacks.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Prerequisites: Dex 14
Effect: Your penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced.
Special: With this feat, you can make two attacks as part of a Standard Action, each at a -2 penalty.

Weapon Finesse
Prerequisites: Base Attack +1
Effect: You may apply the Better of your Strength or Dexterity to attack and damage rolls made with any melee weapon.
Normal: Light Weapons, Rapiers, Whips, and Spiked chains apply the better of your Strength or Dexterity to attack and damage rolls.

Weapon Focus
Prerequisites: Base Attack +8
Effect: Choose a weapon you are proficient with. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with the chosen weapon, and the weapon inflicts damage as if one size-category larger when you wield it.

Weapon Specialization
Prerequisites: Base Attack +14; Fighter level 6; Weapon Focus in the chosen weapon
Effect: You now gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with your chosen weapon, and your weapon inflicts damage as if it were 2 Size categories larger.

Whirlwind Attack
Prerequisites: Dex 14+; Base Attack +6
Effect: As a standard action, instead of making your normal attacks, you can make a single attack that is applied to all foes within your reach.
Special: If you instead use a Full action to activate this ability, you can attack all opponents within your reach +5 feet.

2013-06-03, 01:43 AM
Nice I like these as well. but then again im probably a bit biased on anything that makes fighters better.

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE that you have given fighters a way to inflict status conditions such as dazed or staggered. I would add strikes to make on sickened, Prone and Confused as well.

add in a feat that allows the Fighter to use Dazing strike X more times per day, like maybe 2 or 3 more kinda like extra turning.

Add in Greater Weapon Finesse that allows you to add BOTH your Str and Dex to attacks

if you do in fact I think I might add that to my list of Fighter feats (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14564938&postcount=1) as well

You can copy any of those you want anything to help the fighter out :smallbiggrin:

2013-06-03, 02:27 AM
they will typically be usable 1x per day + 1x per 4 levels.

Why not just per encounter?

That "revised magic system" I link to in my sig uses something like psionic concentration, which I think is a great alternative to /day mechanics.

Two things struck me as potentially unbalancing; Staggering Strike (which makes strong enemies much, much weaker) and Mobility (which almost totally makes tumble obsolete).

Otherwise, these are great.