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2013-06-14, 12:37 AM
Hey guys :cool:

I originally made this app for friends, but it ended up turning into something awesome. I hope I'm not breaking the forum rules by doing this, but it's free app -- here's a link to it in the Google's Android Play Store:


https://lh4.ggpht.com/QS8_S9IV1we4Tqn25w2R2APxpJq62PdLJrwEKXdzN1tZ1dALtf zmcWbr_DFz3ROCROY=w705


2013-06-14, 01:04 PM
What does it actually do? I have no way to figure this out without installing it.

2013-06-15, 12:15 AM
What does it actually do? I have no way to figure this out without installing it.

The link above tells in great detail, with screenshots what it does O_o

See below (copy+paste from the link):

DMToolbox BETA
Ever want to play a game of traditional pen-and-paper RPG with your friends, but it takes so long to set up and maintain? Well, with this app, it's easy with the Dungeon Master's Toolbox (DMT)!
[DMToolbox Premium is now available for $1.99!]
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_dylanh724.DMToolbox_Prem ium
+ AdFree
+ Dice Themes
+ Premium gfx/icon ;)
+ More to come!
>> Dice Module
+d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 dice rolls
+ Realistic random roll sounds
+ Roll history; very clear to read
+ Combined rolls w/visibility toggle
+ Critical Hit/Fail detection
+ Themes: Original + Ice
>> Character Sheets Module
+ Random name generator
+ Persistent saves
+ Auto-save feature
+ Click ellipses [..] for pre-made selections (fast!)
+ Click on "level" or "weight", etc, to add # instead of typing
+ 25-point "buy" system
+ Alternate rd6k3 dice roll system
>> Journal Module
+ Keep track of notes and save them persistently
+ Draw by dragging finger to draw in "Sketch" mode
+ Poke to make dots in "Sketch" mode.
+ Choose from several colors

2013-06-15, 01:06 AM
I was completely unable to get the "More" tab to unfold, my apologies. For future reference, it's probably a good idea to provide that information in the original post instead of people necessarily having to navigate an unfamiliar and possibly buggy website. They need a reason to click the link in the first place.

Why is the point buy system limited to only 25?