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2006-12-05, 01:23 AM
Well guys, does anyone have sopme ideas for a base class designed to combat arcane magic? Perhaps also spell like abilities?

2006-12-05, 02:26 AM
I made a witch hunter class if you're interested

2006-12-05, 04:33 AM
...are you talking about a Fighter with the Mage Slayer feat (found in the Complete Arcane), and the rest of the feat tree? Trade in some BAB for a bit of SR (say level+5), lose the ability to take the Weapon Spec. feat tree, and gain the rangers favourd enemy ability that only effects arcane casters and monsters with spell-like abilities? Decrease feat progresion, add Ref and Will as good saves, throw in a detect magic x/day, see what we get.Should be alright... no too overpowering: at low levels, anyone can take down a mage, and monsters dont have too many spell-like abilities. Higher on, the character is looking for an arcanist to smack, but is still moderately effective against other stuff... (too bad if the evil DM has a cult of casters who are Clerics, not Wizards, or the main casting class of the orcs is Adept, not Sorcceror.)

Mage Slayer

BAB: as Cleric
Good Saves: Fort, Ref, Will
Proff: all simple and martial weapons, all armours and shields (including tower shields)
Hit Dice: d10
Skills: (as Fighter plus Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft)

lvl Special
1 Spell Resistance, Arcane Ememy +2
2 Mage Slayer
4 detect magic 1/day
5 Arcane Enemy +4, Pierce Magical Protection
8 detect magic 2/day, Pierce Magical Concealment
10 Arcane Enemy +6
11 Bonus Feat
12 detect magic 3/day,
14 Bonus Feat
15 Arcane Enemy +8
16 detect magic 4/day
17 Bonus Feat
20 Arcane Enemy +10, Bonus Feat

Spell Resistance (Su): the Mage Slayer gains Spell Resistance Equal to his Mage Slayer level + 5.

Arcane Enemy (Ex): the Mage Slayer is a profficient hunter of all how utalise the arcane arts. He gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sence Motive, Spot and Survival Checks when using these skills against any creature who is known by the Mage Slayer to use arcane power, wether that be in the form of casting arcane spells or using spell-like abilities. Likewise, he gains a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against such creatures.
At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter , this bonus increase by +2 (+4 at 10th, +6 at 15th, and so on).

Mage Slayer: at 2nd level, the Mage Slayer gains the Mage Slayer feat (Complete Arcane p81) as a bonus feat, even if he dose not meet the prerequisites. If he already has this feat, he may select one feat from the list of bonus feats available to Fighters, so long as he meets any prerequisites.

detect magic (Su): at 4th level, a Mage Slayer gains the supernatural ability the detect magic, as the spell, one per day. At 8th level, and every 4 level thereafter, he gains one additional use of this ability per day.

Pierce Magical Protection: at 5th level, the Mage Slayer gains the Pierce Magical Protection feat (Complete Arcane p82) as a bonus feat, even if he dose not meet the prerequisites. If he already has this feat, he may select one feat from the list of bonus feats available to Fighters, so long as he meets any prerequisites.

Pierce Magical Concealment: at 8th level, the Mage Slayer gains the Pierce Magical Concealment feat (Complete Arcane p81) as a bonus feat, even if he dose not meet the prerequisites. If he already has this feat, he may select one feat from the list of bonus feats available to Fighters, so long as he meets any prerequisites.

Bonus Feat: at level 11 and evey 3 level therafter (14th, 17th, and 20th), the Mage Slayer gains a bonus feat selected form the list of bonus feats available to Fighters, so long as he meets any prerequisites.

I was going to add a clause that said somthing like "you cannot ever cast any spells, or use any spell-like abilities, lest you lose all class abilitis", but the feats Mage Slayer, Pierce Magical Protection and Pierce Magical Concealment each reduce your caster level for all spells and spell-like abilities by 4.

This seems a little underpowered, but so do all specialist base classes. I'd hate to be a mage too close to one of these guys... that said, I don't think too much of this class, others might. I only made this up just now, so feel free to pull it apart. Especially have a rip at the name, it needs somthing better.

2006-12-05, 04:38 AM
Maybe give it a Slippery Mind-like ability? Perhaps one that scales, is slightly less powerful, and affects all saves?

2006-12-05, 04:49 AM
...so if you fail a save on an ongoing arcane effect, you gain a second save the next round? Call it... um... somthing impresive anyway... and have it effective from level... 13?

...even have an equivelent to Evasion that effects all saves (only against arcane magical effects) effective 3rd level, and the Improve Evasion equivilant at 9th?

...at 19th levelthere could be another save-improving ability... somthing like re-roll any save one a day. Use the second save even if it is worse.

...these are all ideas... I don't really want to play or run one, but I still want it to be on the power curve...

Mauril Everleaf
2006-12-05, 12:28 PM
there was a class from 2.x ed called "wizard slayer". it was used in the baldur's gate sequels. i can find you the stats, but youll have to convert them. hold a sec...........
here is what planetbaldursgate.com states as the kit class requisites:
This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and attacking spellcasters of all kinds.


For each successful hit on an opponent, 10% cumulative spell failure penalty is applied.
1% magic resistance per level.Disadvantages:

May not use any magic items except for weapons and armor.In all other respects it conforms to the requisites and abilities of a fighter.

I agree that knowledge(arcana) and spellcraft would be very useful for the wizardslayer. increased saves would also be beneficial (but arent they always). not sure if its taboo or not to limit what a pc can multiclass to, but i would think that any dip into arcane caster of any sort would be like a paladin taking a dip into blackguard. detect magic also makes a lot of sense for this class. possibly add Track the Aura as an ability.

Track the Aura (Su) - a X level, the wizardslayer gains the ability to track sources of magic. This ability is treated similar to the Tracking ability, but with a few differences. Instead of tracking a creature by footprints, bent grass, etc. Track the Aura allows the character to track the specific magical aura of a caster. Just as every creature has a different smell based on eating, hygeine, and environment, each magic user has a specific magical aura created by the combination of spells that they use. The weaker the mage, the lower the magical aura, the more powerful the mage the higher the aura. A mage leaves a 'footprint' of this aura wherever he goes. This aura is subject to disappation at the rate of 50% per day passed (50% aura after 1 day, 25% after 2, 12.5% after 3, etc.). Disappation penalties apply similar to time-distant tracking, the tracker getting a percent chance based on the amount remaining.

Obviously you will want to convert this to a DC check or something, but i wasnt sure how to make that work right (not to familiar with all that, still live in retro editions). just a thought.

2006-12-05, 06:52 PM
I would throw in something else as the tenth level ability besides Arcane Enemy +10 and favored enemy. As the example above stands they get three specific feats, diffrent BAB and save progression and favored enemy. And thats all of consequence diffrent from a fighter.

Maybe an ability that progresses in level.

Dispelling Strike(Su): At X level a Mage Slayer may target an enemy susceptable to Arcane Enemy with a targeted Dispel Magic on a successful melee attack. This ability is a standard action and may be used 3+Strength Modifier per day.

At X level the strike is treated as a Greater Dispel Magic and consumes Y uses of Dispelling Strike.

At 20th level the mage slayer becomes truly feared by arcanists for this ability. When using the dispelling strike ability a mage slayer may expend Z more uses of the ability to treat the Dispelling Strike as a Disjunction Spell targeted on the recepient of the attack. This ability may only be used x/per day.

2006-12-05, 07:03 PM
The occult slayer from Compleat warrior

2006-12-05, 07:58 PM
How about giving him the ability to dump charges from a spell trigger object to counterspell (as Improved Counterspelling) enemy casters?

2006-12-05, 09:33 PM
I'd give him this ability: (at 11th level, instead of the bonus feat)

Greater Mage Slayer (Ex): This ability works exactly as the mage slayer feat. Furthermore, a spellcaster you threaten provokes an attack of oportunity from you when casting a quickened spell or any spell with a casting time of one swift/free/immediate action. The caster can still attempt other means of avoiding attacks of oportunity (aside from casting defensively).