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2013-06-20, 10:52 AM
hi all!
i wanted to ask about song of ice and fire RPG game of thrones edition:
when i use warfare as the commander of the army and give orders to my units, do i get bonus dice from "command" specialty?
in p.70 on the description of "command" it says that yes (if i understand correctly), but in chapter 10 (warfare) they don't say a word about it, only that you roll warfare...


The Rose Dragon
2013-06-20, 11:34 AM
That's what specialties are for, so I'd say yes, you do. Most of the time, that you can get bonus dice from specialties is not mentioned, as it is assumed that you do if you have the right one.

2013-06-21, 01:08 AM
Yeah I thought so, but it seemed odd to me that it was not mentioned in the entire chapter so I had second thoughts about it.

Another question:
What is the maximum number of benefits that a character can choose?

tnx :)

2013-06-22, 12:41 PM
A character can have a maximum of three (3) benefits at character generation, though there's nothing stopping them turning more DP into Benefits at each downtime turn after that.

Technically an Old or older character can't even have that many, but that's an implicit function of their starting Destiny Points and they probably should be allowed 3 if they take enough drawbacks.

2013-06-23, 12:44 AM
tnx for the help!