View Full Version : Mousey Player Races

2013-06-24, 09:37 PM
Simple question. I am looking for a race that has mousy like features, large eyes, big ears, small nose and body, long fingers, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Been looking through the monster manuals and haven't had much luck, though there are many supplements to dnd. Also anything from Dragon Magazine or Dungeon Magazine is fair game.

2013-06-24, 09:40 PM
You could try Anthropomorphic Rat from Savage Species. LA +0, but kinda sucks IMO.

2013-06-24, 09:46 PM
You could also try Pathfinder's Ratfolk. Wouldn't be hard to bring it to dnd standards.

The Rose Dragon
2013-06-24, 09:47 PM
I am personally fond of nezumi, even if they have no Void Ring. I am also fairly certain that at least one Lunar bred some mousemen for some weird purpose in the First Age.

2013-06-25, 04:22 AM
Wererat. They arent a player race though

The Dark Fiddler
2013-06-25, 06:21 AM
You could probably go with a kobold, if you talk to your GM. People seem to have different takes on them, and while the default is more lizard-y, they were apparently more ratlike in the past.