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2013-06-25, 10:24 PM
Created some Prestigous Prestige Classes for an e6 campaign im currently working on, generally speaking these classes should be harder to acquire than normal classes and will require some sort of quest/role play in most examples, a few could potentially be written into a characters backstory(such as the lycantrhope ones). I drew on inspiration from the Brilliant Gameologists thread where people created levels for monsters that normally had several RH as well as level adjustments, so I must give credit where credit is do.

So without further ado here are my first creations, I will go ahead and apologize for no spoiler boxes because I don't know how to make them lol this is my first homebrew class design.

These classes SHOULD be more powerful than normal prestige classes.

Home-Brew Prestige Classes for E6 They are all 1 level Prestige Classes.

Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 2 2 0 None
2+int skills
(Spot, Listen, Survival, Swim, and Climb)
Were-Bears gain a +6 to Str, and Con while in hybrid form and half these bonuses in human form.
Were-bears gain a bonus to Natural armor equal to their con bonus while transformed and half of their con bonus (rounded down) while in human form.
A were-bear in hybrid form gains DR/5 silver and becomes large gaining claw attacks dealing 1d8 and a bite dealing 2d6, he may not use weapons while transformed.
A Were-Bear gains the Scent ability in all forms, as well as Track and Die Hard as bonus feats if he does not already have them.
While in hybrid form a Were-Bears Die hard feat prevents him from dying until he is at 1/4th his maximum hp into the negatives. For example a were-bear with 100 hp does not die or fall unconscious until he reaches -25 HP.
A Character that is reduce to 10 hp or less by an attack in human form will automatically spend his next round in combat transforming into hybrid form.
Transforming is a standard action, they have no animal form.

Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 2 2 0 None
2+int skills
(Spot, Listen, Survival, Hide, and Move Silently)
Were-Wolves gain a +4 to Str, Dex, and Con while in hybrid form and half these bonuses in human form. They gain a Natural armor bonus equal to their Con Modifier while Transformed, and half their con modifier(rounded down) while in human form.
Were-wolves in hybrid form gain DR/5 Silver and become large in size gaining claws that deal 1d6 damage and crit on a 19-20 and a bite that deals 1d8 damage. They may not use weapons while transformed.
Werewolves gain scent in all forms, as well as Track and Run as bonus feats if he does not already have them.
Werewolves get a +6 Bonus to track by scent when transformed as well +2 Bonuses to Spot, Listen, Hide, and move silently while transformed.
A character that is reduced to 10 or less Hp by an attack in human form will automatically spend his next round in combat transforming into hybrid form.
Transforming is a standard action, they have no animal form.

Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 2 0 2 +1 Clrc or FS
2+int skills
(Know: Religion, Architecture, Craft, Prof, Concentration, Spell-craft, Sense-Motive, Spot, Listen)
Dwarves Only
Watchers are dwarves who have either died in service to a religious cause and been returned in order to continue to fulfill their sacred duty, or who have willingly undergone this transformation in order to better serve their cause.
Most Watchers are elite guards that protect the highest secrets and relics of dwarven religion.
Watchers skin becomes hard and rock like although still living flesh that can bleed they are substantially tougher than previously.
Watchers gain +4 to their Con +2 to their Wisdom, but a -2 to their Charisma, these are in addition to the the traits already gained for being a dwarf. Watchers physically never age after the divine ritual to transform them has taken place, they never take penalties to their ability scores from aging, but do gain the increases to Wisdom and Int, but not Charisma, for long lived lives. If a dwarf who died of old age is resurrected through the watcher ritual, his Str, Dex, and Con scores return to what they were before he took negatives to them for old age.
Watchers also gain a Natural armor bonus equal to half their new Con Bonus(rounded down) as well as an insight bonus equal to one half their Wisdom modifier rounded down, treat this bonus as the saint ability in that it applies to touch and flatfooted as well as normal.
Watchers gain DR 5/adamantine
Watchers believe heavily in Defense over offense as they were primarily designed to guard not to attack, most watcher NPC favor fighting defensively as well as using the combat expertise feat.
Finally a watcher with levels in Cleric or Favored Soul gains 1 effective caster level as if he had taken another level of Cleric or Favored Soul.

Dragon Ascendant
Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 2 2 2 +2 Sorcerer
Skills 6+ int
(Know: arcana, Spell-Craft, Concentration, Craft, Proffession, Bluff, Sense Motive)
A Sorcerer who unlocks this prestige class has fully realized his Draconic Heritage. Against all odds in a world where his very existence is a crime, he has achieved were others have failed.
Upon gaining this class his type changes to Dragon, he gains darkvision out to 60 ft. as well as the draconic immunities to sleep and paralysis in addition ancient knowledge floods his mind and he automatically learns 5 new spells that he is capable of casting (level 3 and below) in addition he receives a +5 perfection bonus on any knowledge check me makes, as well as gaining the ability to make knowledge checks untrained.
He gains a +3 bonus to his Natural armor, a +2 to Str, Int, and Cha as well as the ability to manifest his draconic essence physically at will as a standard action. While manifested he gains draconic wings that give him the ability to fly at a base speed of 60 feet, as well as granting him 2 claw attacks for 1d4 damage. While manifested his eyes glow with specific color energy matching his specific draconic heritage in addition to minor scales covering parts of his body.
In addition he gains a breath attack dealing 3d6 points of damage(damage type based on draconic heritage) allowing a reflex save for 10+1/2HD+con modifier for half. He may use this ability once every 1d4 rounds.
Finally a character gains 2 effective Sorcerer levels when he takes this prestige class, for example if he was a 5th level sorcerer before taking this class he would now have casting as a 7th level sorcerer.

Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 0 0 2 +1 Clrc/FS/WL
Skills 2+int Mod
(Climb, Jump, Swim, Craft, Intimidate, and Ride)
Death-Knights are generally evil creatures who have been risen from the dead or blessed with the touch of death in order to server dark masters. Occasionally a dark being raises traps a good characters soul and rises him to be a death-knight in order to do his bidding, these death knights are the biggest affront to good as they spit in the face of what the death-knight once stood for, it has been said that a strong enough willed champion can break away from his controller and once again gain his freedom, but this is likely just a myth.
A death-knights type changes to undead, and he gains all the benefits and drawbacks of said type including no con score as well as all of his hit die changing to d12s.
Death-Knights gain +4 to their Str and their Cha as well as a +4 bonus to Natural Armor.
They gain proficiencies with all armors and martial weapons if they did not already have said proficiencies.
DeathKnights are Immune to frost damage as well as being turned, they have resistance 10 against electricity.
DeathKnights gain the ability to use Eldritch blast as the Warlock Class feature for 3d6 points of damage, if the DeathKnight already had class levels in warlock then the damage on his eldritch blast increases by 2d6 as well he gains the ability to ignore arcane spell failure for it as well as all of his invocations.
Finally a DeathKnight gains spells or invocations per day as if he had also gained a level in cleric favored soul or warlock but only if he already belonged to one of these classes, in addition his undead body grants him DR 10/ magic or silver

The one for Sorcerers should be stronger than the rest because this will be the hardest to gain as well as the world is INCREDIBLY unfriendly to arcane spell casters (wizards are basically extinct)

EDIT: hmm the Bab and Saves don't seem to line up even though they do when I edit, oh well im sure you can figure them out.

EDIT #2: Also forgot to write in, when the lycanthropes transform they will destroy any armor they happen to be wearing do to the size change, magic armor will probably get a saving throw, but should fall off even if it saves or something. Depending on what armor they are wearing they could take damage. Light armor, or armor such as hide won't have this effect, but bursting out of full plate could potentially cause damage, thought I haven't decide fully on this. Could consider bumping their DR up to 10 to compensate for this.

2013-06-26, 09:53 AM
If you're playing E6, why not make them feat chains or substitution levels?

2013-06-26, 12:00 PM
Well they basically are substitution levels they are 1 level prestige classes, that are unlocked through character development more or less.

2013-06-26, 05:49 PM
One new one to add in "the saint"
Bab Fort Ref Will Spells
1 2 0 2 See Below
6+int mod
(Climb, Diplomacy, Sense motive, Know: Religion, Concentration, Craft, Prof, Heal, Spot, Listen, Spell Craft, Ride, Swim)

A saints type changes to outsider(native) in addition they gain an insight bonus on their armor class equal to half their wisdom modifier rounded down. They gain fast healing 3, damage reduction 5/evil, resistance 5 to cold, fire electricity, acid, and sonic as well as low light and 60 ft darkvision.
They are granted the tongues special ability and therefor can communicate with any creature that has a language.
Their attacks are considered good aligned for overcoming damage reduction, and they gain a +2 bonus to Wisdom and Charisma.
Finally a saint who had levels in cleric or favored soul receives a +1 to his effective level of casting. Alternatively a single class paladin, who has never strayed from his morals and gains the class increases his effective turning level equal to that of a 6th level cleric in addition he is granted the ability to cast as if he were a 10th level paladin(he receives one 1st level spell per day and 1 2nd level spell in addition to any he receives for a high wisdom modifier)