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2013-06-27, 01:34 PM
Hey all working on a custom class for an e6 campaign ive been working on, the primary focus will be more of a support caster. Fluff wise the class pulls magic from nature and is some sort of merge between arcane magic and divine magic that is very fey related. I choose spells from both the druid and wizard/sorcerer lists in phb and SpC for the witches list, strictly avoiding damage spells and sticking to more buffing, utility, and control spells, with a few disease/poison based offensive spells for the not so good aligned witches.
As far as the buffs to invocations I plan to use them for any sort of spell that the players could need that is higher than level 3, such as restoration and raise dead/ressurection spells. These will most likely involve a complex serious of knowledge checks and spell craft checks with varying degrees of difficulty based on any material components the party may present.

So without further ado here we go:

Witch Class

D6 hit die
Average BAB advancement (as a cleric)
Good Fort and Will saves, poor Reflex
Arcane Spells per day and Spells Known as a Sorcerer Charisma based.
Unique Spell list to choose spells from
Proficient with Light Armor and light shields, and with the dagger, Sickle, Club, Short spear, long spear, spear, quarterstaff, sling, javelin, throwing axe, hand axe, short-bow, and nets.
Witches may ignore the arcane spell failure chance from light armor and shields as long as they stick to non-metallic armor types such as leather armor and wooden light shields, (similar to a druid’s oath)
Skills 4+int modifier
Class skills: (Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge: Nature, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Religion, Listen, Profession, Sense Motive, Spell-craft, Spot, Survival, and Swim)

At 1st level witches gain brew potion as a bonus feat, in addition a witch never has to pay an experience point cost when creating a potion. As a witch levels his/her ability to create potions is enhanced.
At 2nd level a witch gains damage reduction 1/cold iron, this damage reduction stacks with other sources similar to it gained from feats, class abilities, and racial abilities, but not from spells or magic items. At 4th level this damage reduction increases to 2/cold iron, and again at 6th level to 3/cold Iron.
At 3rd level a witches ability to brew potions is further increased she may now brew potions in half the amount of time and for half cost.
At 3rd level a witch also gains an increased insight into the performance of Incantations and gains a +5 bonus on any check she makes in order to successfully perform an Incantation/Ritual.
At 5th level a witch’s ability to brew potion further increases she may now brew potions in ¼ the time it normally takes as well the price for material components to brew a potion is reduced to ¼ the cost.

At 6th level a witch becomes of master of its craft, it now gains a +10 bonus on any check involved in the performance of an incantation or ritual, as well as incredible potion making skills. At this level a witch may now brew a potion within an hour’s time she may also brew potions for a mere 1/10 of the original price to create them. Finally any potion she creates is effected as if it were modified by both the empower spell feat as well as the extend spell feat, whichever is more suitable to each specific potion and in applicable cases both.

2013-06-27, 01:35 PM
Spell List:

Phb and SpC used.

0-level spells

Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Know Direction
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound
Touch of fatigue
Arcane Mark

1st-level spells

Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Faerie Fire
Obsucring Mist
Pass without trace
Speak with Animals
Summon Natures Ally I
Unseen Servant
Charm Person
Tenser’s Floating Disk
Disguise Self
Silent Image
Cause Fear
Ray of Enfeeblement
Animate Rope
Enlarge Person
Reduce Person
Feather Fall
Claws of the Bear
Beast Claws
Delay Disease
Healthful Rest
Low-Light Vision
Omen of Peril
Lesser Vigor
Wood Wose
Benign Transposition
Luminous Gaze
Dead End
Net of Shadows
Spirit Worm
Ebon Eyes
Fist of Stone
Raging Fire
Slow Burn

2nd-level spells

Animal Trance
Bear’s Endurance
Bull’s Strength
Cat’s Grace
Delay Poison
Fog Cloud
Hold Animal
Owl’s Wisdom
Resist Energy
Lesser Restoration
Spider Climb
Summon Nature’s Ally II
Summon Swarm
Tree Shape
Warp Wood
Wood Shape
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
Continual Flame
Hypnotic Pattern
Minor Image
Mirror Image
Alter Self
Eagle’s Splendor
Fox’s Cunning
Whispering Wind
Bite of the Wererat
Briar Web
Easy Trail
Embrace the Wild
Healing Lorecall
Listening Lorecall
One with the Land
Baleful Transposition
Create Magic tattoo
Discern Shapechanger
Veil of Shadows
Dark Way
Delusions of Grandeur
Reflective Disguise
Ghoul Glyph
Ray of Sickness
Ray of Weakness
Earthen Grasp
Infernal Wound
Speak to Allies

3rd-level spells

Cure Moderate Wounds
Diminish Plants
Dominate Animal
Meld into Stone
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Protection from Energy
Remove Disease
Sleet Storm
Speak with Plants
Stone Shape
Summon Nature’s ally III
Water Breathing
Dispel Magic
Phantom Steed
Stinking Cloud
Arcane Sight
Deep Slumber
Hold Person
Leomund’s Tiny Hut
Illusory Script
Major Image
Gentle Repose
Ray of Exhaustion
Gasous Form
Shrink Item
Bite of the Werewolf
Circle Dance
Entangling Staff
Infestation of Maggots
Primal Form
Resist Energy, Mass
Spider Skin
Mass Lesser Vigor
Weather Eye
Vine Mine
Contagious Fog
Nauseating Breath
Servant Horde
Ray of Dizziness
Glowing Orb
Claws of Darkness
Cone of Dimness
Shadow Binding
Shadow Cache
Mind Poison
Skull Watch
Spider Poison
Stony Grasp

Forgive the long post I do not know how to do spoilers/hiders to cover up sections of each post.

If anyone wants to tell me how that would be great :smallsmile: