View Full Version : ideas for an ambassador rogue

2013-07-18, 07:10 PM
i have a group of "neutral-chaotic-evil" guys (a sorcerer, a wizard, a ranger and a cleric) and we had arrived to waterdeep from a slave mine.

i want to become an ambassador of waterdeep in one hand and the guy in the shadows in the other hand so the ambassador will be an alter ego from my evil character.

but the problem is that i have no money, and when i mean no money i mean not even 10gp. żany ideas to get money? (waterdeep forces are very strong in my game, and i want to keep my hand)

for now im a translator from dwarf to common but only 8pp/day (i know also elven and draconic)

the good part of it, its that i work for the goverment so 8-3 work and all the evening free, also weekends.

any ideas are welcome

2013-07-18, 11:06 PM
You could try to join the waterdeep forces as a scout, assassin, intelligence-gatherer or saboteur? There aren't many job opportunities for a rogue in such a place. Alternatively, you could maybe leave the city to ply your trade where the security isn't too much of a problem, if the DM allows it.