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2006-12-11, 08:58 AM
I whipped up this template as a part of my campaign for a group I'm DMing. However, formula or not, I'm having trouble giving the template a CR. I want to say that the CR adjustment would be +2, however, due to the behavior of my template, it may be more. I encourage fellow DM's or just plain ol' players to read my template and give me some assistance here :smallsmile:

Anyway, enjoy!

Spite-Spawn (Template)
By N. S. Reyna A.K.A. “Shacal”

True creatures of horror, Spite Spawn are the corrupted bodies of the dead. Spite Spawn are animated by pure hatred; as such, they always bleed a black, tar-like substance. Spite Spawn are notorious for their anger. Any Spite Spawn always attempts to slay any living creature, flying into a sadistic rage upon sight. This rage is amplified if the living creature was a former acquaintance of the deceased, as Spite Spawn resent the living.

No necromantic ritual can create a true Spite Spawn. The process involves collection of pure hatred, currently impossible by any known means. It is rumored, however, that angry deities amplify the hatred within deceased souls and return them to life to wreak havoc. There is no evidence to support this claim.

“Spite Spawn” is a template that can be applied to any Humanoid or Monsterous Humanoid. The creature’s statistics are the same, except for as follows.

Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to Spite Spawn. Any Spite Spawn is considered Undead for purposes of overcoming damage reduction, but are not true Undead. Any detection spell detects the Spite Spawn as a living humanoid. In addition, any family member or friend of the Spite Spawn must make a Sense Motive check (VS Disguise) to notice the former friend as a Spite Spawn. Failure to do so can be dangerous, but otherwise the friend suffers no ill benefits besides being caught off guard.

Hit Dice: Hit Die do not increase, but the base creature gains 6 hit points for every hit die it has.

Speed: Unchanged.

Armor Class: Unchanged.

Attack: Spite Spawn do not gain any new attacks. The attacks are the same as the base creature, with the exception of making constant, damage dealing strikes. Spite Spawn never attempt to deal Nonlethal damage, even to each other.

Full Attack: Spite Spawn are exceedingly dangerous, and always make full attacks. Unlike other creatures, Spite Spawn are able to make full attacks after any move action. Spite Spawn prefer to charge any living creature (taking preference to their old allies) and unleash a full attack.

Special Attacks: Spite Spawn retain all of their old abilities, and gain the following new extraordinary abilities:

Spiteful Rage: Spite Spawn automatically enter a Rage upon seeing a living creature. This is as the Barbarian class skill, with the noted exceptions:

-+2 Bonus, regardless of level
-+4 bonus if the Spite Spawn knew the target in life

Unleash Hate: Spite Spawn are always able to make a full attack, regardless of movement. The Spite Spawn must make a full attack every turn if it is possible.

Violent Charge: Spite Spawn charge with horrific fervor, granting a +2 damage bonus when charging.

Special Qualities:

Hate Heals: Spite Spawn take no damage from Negative Energy. Instead, they heal the damage the Negatively based attack would deal. This only applies to Negative Energy-Positive Energy damages the target as normal.

Fueling Suffering: Spite Spawn do not shed blood. Instead, they release some ink-like black tar when struck. This liquid is pure hatred, and consuming the liquid turns the imbiber into a Spite Spawn within 2d10 days. The victim suffers no symptoms, except for an increased anger and tendency to kill smaller creatures for fun. This effect can be removed with any Remove Disease or similar effect.

Vicious Thoughts: Spite Spawn are immune to any mind effecting abilities, including, but not limited to Mind Control, Suggestion, and Dominate. Attempting to somehow pierce the thoughts of a Spite Spawn results in vicious mental backlash, dealing 1d4 points of Intelligence damage per round of attempting to read the target's thoughts.

Heartless Spite Spawn do not feel emotion, with the exception of the joyous sadism they glean from killing. A Detect Alignment spell reveals the target's previous alignment before conversion to a Spite Spawn; it does not reveal it's presence as a Spite Spawn, nor any evil alignment (unless the target was evil previously).

Reversion: Upon death, a Spite Spawn immediately reverts to an ordinary creature. The blood turns the normal color (Red or otherwise) and the victim survives for another 10 seconds before dying. Nothing can restore a fallen Spite Spawn; however, the corpse can be restored with a Wish, Resurrection, or True Resurrection. The deceased has full memory of living as a Spite Spawn, but never recalls how this came to be.

2006-12-12, 03:36 AM
I personally say +3 for the CR.

Full attack after a charge, plus extra bonuses to Str and damage? Not to mention the bonus health... It looks like a great way to kill off a "troublesome" player. (I can think of a few uses for this...):belkar:

One suggestion though: You didn't touch the subject of an alignment change. I'd suggest automatically changing them to CE, as that fits the "kill all you see" mindset.

EDIT: Just noticed something. With the current build, they are healed by both Positive AND Negative energy attacks. Is that how it is intended?

2006-12-12, 08:59 AM
Well, there's a particularly good reason I didn't change the alignment. The target's real alignment is unchanged- so, a Detect Alignment spell shows the target's previous alignment. This is so Spite Spawn are nearly impossible to notice until they strike. Imagine walking into a town filled with Spite Spawn, and never finding out until they've got you cornered!

As for the energy thing....it's just for Negative Energy. I would've given them a weakness to positive energy, but....well, that's what everyone would be expecting! :smallbiggrin:

And feel free to use these as you will.....I only make Open Gaming Content stuff. From experience, Spite Spawn are good for plot twists more than anything. But, it is a great way to cull party numbers. Most groups would have trouble with a Spite Spawn....but it all depends on what gets Spited. :smallwink: