View Full Version : Need help with a Pathfinder Build [Plz]

2013-07-26, 02:06 AM
Alright so we are doing a Pathfinder game and I wanted to play a Dhampir Inquisitor. But the Dhampir in Pathfinder does seem a little meh to me.
The Ability modifiers are ok but that -2 Con is painful especially for a race that cannot be healed by normal magics (Negative Energy Affinity)

The Dhampir would be one who has grown up being detested for what he is and always on the move. He has taken up the cause of a god and his only pleasure is the hunt for monsters and evil. He is also a smooth talker, skilled with a silver tongue. Favoring the Social Skills above straight up combat skills.

Can anyone point me to a good homebrew of the Dhampir or a Dhampir Inquisitor Build that removes the limitations of the Dhampir race (The -2 Con, The Negative Energy, the Light Weakness, etc)

2013-07-29, 01:47 PM
The advanced race guide has several alternate racial features that remove the light weakness and I believe the negative energy affinity, and the Con penalty shouldn't hurt too bad if you play it safe. There is also a good archetype for inquisitors in said book that follows your character idea.

Ilorin Lorati
2013-07-29, 02:13 PM
There's also another book, Blood of the Night, that has options for other types of Vampiric bloodlines, including 2 without a penalty to Con.