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Class name: Mystic Warrior

Class nature: The world exist because of energy. This energy is in everything around us. Plants, animals, humanoids, monsters, rocks, clouds. This and much more contain vast amounts of mystical energy. Mastering these energies is incredibly difficult, and it can manifest itself in many different ways. Some call this energy "Arcane Magic", while others call it "Miracle's of the divine", while others again call it "the manifestation of the mind into the physical world", and though all of them do touch certain parts of this energy network with truth, they don't understand the whole spectrum of this mystical energy. Mystic warriors, usually called Mystics, have the power to channel this energy in its raw form and use it to perform deeds never thought possible. Every single person with the blood of Mystic in his or her veins will always be noticed and known, because he or she can do things no one else can.

Role: Mystics tend to "go out there" and be in the front line. Good Mystics fight to protect others and rarely retreats if the well being of innocents is in danger. Evil Mystics loves to unleash their Mystic powers to wreak havoc and devastation upon the innocent.

Alignment: Mystical energy influence a Mystic's morals so much that only those of Good or Evil alignment is able to effectively channel the energy.

Relationships: Mystics are a diverse bunch when it comes to relationships, but most are quite charismatic and many come to them for advice, therefore they make good leaders and friends.

Religion: Mystics are neither compelled, nor repelled by religion.

Skills: The Mystics class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (dex), Concentration (con), Craft (int), Gather Information (cha), Jump (str), Knowledge Arcane (int), Knowledge Psionics (int), Knowledge The Planes (int), Listen (wis), Perform (cha), Profession (wis), Sense Motive (wis), Speak Language (none), Spellcraft (int), Psicraft (int), Spot (wis), Swim (str), Tumble (dex), Use Magic Device (cha), Use Psionic Device (cha).

Mystics recieve (4+int modifier) x4 skill points at first level and (4+int modifier) skill points at each additional level

Hit Dice: d8

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Mystic Points/Day Special
1 +1 +? +? +? 2 Elemental Discipline, Mystic Blood, Improved Unarmed Strike, AC Bonus, Mystic Energy.
2 +2 +? +? +? 6 Mystic saves.
3 +3 +? +? +? 11 Mystic Energy.
4 +4 +? +? +? 17 Unafraid
5 +5 +? +? +? 25 Mystic Energy.
6 +6 +? +? +? 35 Weapon Focus.
7 +7 +? +? +? 46 Mystic Energy.
8 +8 +? +? +? 58 Mystic saves.
9 +9 +? +? +? 72 Mystic Energy.
10 +10 +? +? +? 88 Unfaltering Dodge
11 +11 +? +? +? 106 Mystic Energy.
12 +12 +? +? +? 126 Bonus Feat
13 +13 +? +? +? 147 Mystic Energy.
14 +14 +? +? +? 170 Mystic saves.
15 +15 +? +? +? 195 Mystic Energy.
16 +16 +? +? +? 221 Bonus Feat
17 +17 +? +? +? 250 Mystic Energy.
18 +18 +? +? +? 280 Bonus Feat
19 +19 +? +? +? 311 Mystic Energy.
20 +20 +? +? +? 343 Fullborn Mystic.

Class Features:

All of the following are class features of the Mystic.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency

Mystics are proficient with all simple and martial weapons. They are NOT proficient with armour and shields. A Mystic who wears armour or wields shields can't use her supernatural abilities and can't summon Mystic Powers.

Mystic Powers:

Mystic calls upon Mystical energy to create effects similar to magic and psionics, however Mystic energy uses a completely different build. Mystic powers are not subjected to Spell or Power resistance and can be used even in an Antimagic or Null Psionics field. Mystic Energy can't be counterspelled, however resistances and saving throws still apply.

Conjuring Mystic energy is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

The number of times a Mystic can conjure Mystic energy each day is only limited by her daily Mystic energy points.

A Mystic doesn't have to prepare her energy usage ahead of time like some spellcasters. However, she still needs 8 hours of rest to restore lost Mystic energy points.

The difficulty class for saving throws against Mystic Energy is 10 + the Energy level of the energy + the Mystic's Charisma modifier.

In order to conjure Mystic Energy, a Mystic must have an Intelligence of at least 10 + the Energy level of the energy.

A Mystic gains bonus Energy points from a high intelligence score.

Some Energies can be augmented. Augmenting works just like augmenting Psionic powers. Remember that you can’t spend any more Mystic Points on a power than the Mystic’s levels in the Mystic class. Mystic Energy can’t be modified by Metamagic or Metapsionic feats.

Elemental discipline (ex):

Mystic energy is divided into two parts. Constructive and Destructive. These two forces are again divided into the four elements. The four mystic forces of Construction are Fire, Water, Air and Earth, while the four mystic forces of Destruction are Force, Ice, Electricity and Acid. Each Mystic knows one, and only one, elemental mystic energy. First, a Mystic has to choose an element, then she has to choose between the Constructive or the Destructive variant.

Add diplomacy to list of class skills.

Add intimidate to list of class skills.

Add climb to list of class skills.
Fortitude save is good.
Gain +1 on saves against spells and powers with the fire or force descriptor.

Add heal to the list of class skills.
Will save is good.
Gain +1 on saves against spells and powers with the water or cold descriptor.

Add escape artist to the list of class skills.
Reflex save is good.
Gain +1 on saves against spells and powers with the air or electricity descriptor.

Add survival to the list of class skills.
Fortitude save is good.
Gain +1 on saves against spells and powers with the earth or acid descriptor.

In addition to the abilities granted above, a mystic gain a +2 on spellcraft and psicraft checks made to identify spells and powers with the Mystic's element.

Mystic Blood (ex):

The Mystic gains Energy Resistance to her chosen element equal to half her Mystic levels, rounded down. She also gains the “Craft Figurine” feat for free.

Improved Unarmed Strike (ex):

The Mystic gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat for free.

Mystic Energy (ex):

By spending mystic points, a Mystic can conjure up Mystical Energy. Every other level, the Mystic adds her next elemental power to her list of Mystic Energy she can conjure.

AC Bonus (ex):

When unarmoured and unencumbered, the Mystic adds her Wisdom bonus (if any) to her AC.

Mystic Saves (su):
Upon gaining the second level, the Mystic becomes more adept at avoiding magical effects. Air and Electricity Mystics gain the “Evasion” special ability. Mystics of the other disciplines gain the “Mettle” special ability. At level eight, her mastery increases even further. Air and Electricity Mystics gain the “Mettle” special ability, while those following the other disciplines gain the “Evasion” special ability. At level fourteen, it increases again. Air and Electricity Mystics gain the “Improved Evasion” ability, while other Mystics gain the “Improved Mettle” ability.

Unafraid (su):

Beginning at third level, the Mystic gains complete immunity to fear, be it caused by magical or mundane means.

Weapon Focus (ex):

At level six, the Mystic taps deeper into her chosen weapon and unlock new powers within it. She gains the feats Weapon Focus feat and the Ancestral Relic feat for free, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. She also gains the ability to take the Weapon Specialization feat, even if she does not have the prerequisite fighter levels. The feats have to be used to increase mastery on the same weapon (so a Mystic couldn’t choose a Bastard Sword as her Ancestral Relic and also gain Weapon Focus with a Glaive). If the weapon is destroyed or stolen, the Mystic can meditate in order to restore the weapon to her. The meditation takes one week, during which she has to spend at least eight uninterrupted hours each day meditating. When the week is over, the weapon will reappear by the Mystics side, ready to serve her once again.

Unfaltering dodge (ex):
Upon reaching level 10, the Mystics ability to avoid blows increases. She adds ¼ of her ranks in Tumble as a dodge bonus to her AC. She is also never caught flatfooted, even if she is struck by an invisible attacker. She will still lose her dexterity and dodge bonus to AC against a successful feint attempt.

Bonus feat (ex):

On level twelve, sixteen and eighteen, the Mystic gains a bonus feat, chosen from the following list: Acrobatic, Agile, Alertness, Athletic, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Energy Focus, Energy Focus Greater, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Iron Will, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Run, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse, Whirlwind Attack.

Fullborn Mystic (ex):
When the Mystic transcends her class, her characteristics change. She gains energy immunity to her chosen element and several boons depending on her discipline.

Improved Evasion.
+4 on saves against effects with the Fire or Force descriptor.
Climb speed +10 feet.

Improved evasion.
+4 on saves against effects with the Water or Ice descriptor.
Swim speed +10 feet.
Water breathing.

Improved Mettle.
+4 on saves against effects with the Air or Electricity descriptor.
Land speed +10 feet.

Improved Evasion.
+4 on saves against effects with the Earth or Acid descriptor.
Burrow speed +10 feet.


Mystic Energy list.

Level 0: Blaze*
With Blaze, a Mystic can temporarily assume control of a single source of fire. She can increase or decrease the temperature, move it about in midair at a speed of 20 ft. per round, increase or decrease the size of it, or use it as a projectile to deal 1 point of fire damage. When used as a projectile, the Mystic must make an attack roll against the targets touch AC. The Energy lasts one round for each Mystic point spent on it, with a minimum cost of 1 point and a range of 60 ft. This Energy can’t be augmented.

Level 1: Fire Blade*
Fire Blade sheathes one weapon that the Mystic holds in magical flames. All attacks made with this weapon deals an additional 1d6 points of fire damage. Activating this Energy is a Swift Action and it lasts one round for each Mystic point spent on it, with a minimum cost of 1 point. This Energy can’t be augmented.

Level 2: Grace of Fire*
Grace of Fire removes fatigue from limbs and improves control over the body. For the duration of the Energy, the fiery Energy grants the target a +2 Mystic bonus to dexterity, increases the target’s base speed to all movement forms by +5 and makes the target immune to the effects of fatigue. The target can still be fatigued, but it takes no penalties for the duration of the energy. The Energy lasts one round for each Mystic point spent on it, with a minimum cost of 3 points and has a range of 40 ft. For every four points spent on augmenting this power, the Mystic bonus to dexterity increase by another +2.

Level 3: Comet*
Comet calls upon a fiery orb of stone and fire. When activated, the comet appears in the Mystic’s hand, and she can throw it on any panel within reach. The comet has a range of 25 ft. +5 for every 2 Mystic points spent on it. The power deals 1d6 points of damage per Mystic point spent on it. Half of the damage is Bludgeoning damage subjected to damage reduction and the other half is Fire damage subjected to energy resistance. Any subject caught in the blast area is allowed a reflex save for half damage. Alternatively, the Mystic can choose to throw the Comet at a target. In this case, she makes an attack roll against the target. If she hits, the target is not allowed a saving throw and the Comet blasts in a radius half as wide as regular. The Energy is instantaneous and has a minimum cost of 5 Mystic points. For every additional Mystic point you spend, this Energy’s damage increases by one die (d6). For each extra two dice of damage, this Energy’s save DC increases by 1. The blast has a radius of 20 feet if used normally, and 10 feet if thrown on a single target.

Level 4: Heat object
By conjuring forth fiery heat, the Mystic can make any object within range too hot to touch. In order to hold the object, the one wielding the object must make a Will save. Failure means that the heat is too intense for the wielder to hold on too and he drops it. Success means that he manages to hold on to it. When holding the object, the wielder takes 2d6 points of fire damage and gains a -4 to attack rolls made with it. The object can weigh no more than 10 lb per Mystic point spent on it. If the Energy is conjured on an object that weighs too much, it simply fails. The Energy has a duration of one round per Mystic point spent on it, and has a minimum cost of 7 Mystic points. For every two points spent on augmenting the Energy, the save DC increase by 1.

Level 5: Soothing warmth
Soothing warmth heals wounds of the body and mind. The gentle fire heals everyone within a 30 foot radius of the Mystic and removes fatigue and exhaustion. The Energy heals 5d6 points of HP damage every living creature within range and heals 1 point of ability damage to one ability. The Energy is instantaneous and has a minimum cost of 9 Mystic points. For every two points spent on augmenting the Energy, the Energy heals an additional 1d6 HP.

Level 6: Shield of Heat
The Shield of Heat is fiery Energy swirling around the Mystic, protecting her from harm. Every creature occupying a panel 5 feet from the Mystic takes 2d6 points of fire damage each round they stay in the panel. Creatures so big that they occupy several panels are subjected to 2d6 points of fire damage for each panel they occupy. In addition to the damage it deals, Shield of Heat grants the mystic a +2 armour bonus to AC and a +2 Mystic bonus to saves against spells, powers and Energies with the Cold or Water descriptor. The Energy has a duration of one round per Mystic point spent on it and has a minimum cost of 11 Mystic points. For every four points spent on augmenting the Energy, the Armour bonus to AC and Mystic bonus to saves increase by +1.

Level 7: Fireshape
The Fireshape changes the Mystic into a being of living flames. While in the Fireshape, she gains complete immunity to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage and becomes immune to fire. However, she takes double damage from spells and abilities that deal cold or water damage. While in Fireshape, the Mystic deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage with her unarmed strikes. All items worn by the Mystic melds into the body as part of the fire and become useless, while all held items fall through the now flaming body and onto the ground. This energy has a minimum cost of 13 points and lasts for one round. However, while in Fireshape, the Mystic can spend a point as a free action each round to maintain it. This energy can’t be augmented.

Level 8: Volcano
The Volcano is an embodiment of the hot fury of Fire. Calling upon the Core Heats, Volcano causes an eruption of lava to appear from the ground below the Mystic. The lava envelops the Mystic in a frightening cocoon of heat, and every enemy who sees the Mystic must make a will save. Failure means that they are frightened. In addition, everyone who stands within 15 ft. of the Mystic takes 15d6 points fire damage. Those who stand within 5 feet are not allowed a save against the damage, while those standing 10-15 feet away are allowed a Reflex save for half damage. The spell also grants the Mystic temporarily immunity to fire. The Energy has a duration of instantaneous for the damage and one round per Mystic point spent for the immunity. For every additional Mystic point you spend, this Energy’s damage increases by one die (d6). For each extra two dice of damage, this Energy’s save DC increases by 1.

Level 9: Phoenix from the flames
The greatest power of Fire is its ability of life. Just like the Sun grants life each day it rises in the horizon, so can Mystic Energy grant life anew before it leaves entirely. When this Energy is called on someone, he or she will be temporarily protected from death. If the target of this power is slain while the power is in effect, her body will immediately burn to ashes, and one round later, the ashes will reshape and the target will be resurrected at full health with no loss of level or constitution.

New Feats:

Craft Figurine:

Prerequisites: Mystic level 1st.

Benefit: You can create a figurine of any Energy you can conjure or any arcane spell, divine spell or psionic power. Crafting a figurine takes one day for each 1,000 gp the figurine used in the creation is worth. In order for a figurine to hold a spell, it must be worth 100 x minimum caster level x spell level (x2 if it is not a Mystic Energy) (x2 if it will take no item slot). To create a figurine, you must spend 1/25 of this base price in XP. Crafting a non Energy into a figurine requires a spellcraft/psicraft check equal to 20 + the spell level x 2. If the check succeeds, the Mystic will know if she can craft it into a Mystic Energy (DMs call), if she fails, she is simply unable to craft it into a figurine. Creating a figurine allows the Mystic possessing it to conjure the Energy stored within it as a Mystic Energy. If the Energy is not on the Mystic Energy list, and she did not create the figurine, the Mystic has to pass a spellcraft/psicraft check with a DC of 10 + spell level the first time she conjures it. If she fails, the Energy fizzles and has no effect other than draining her Mystic Points, and she has to try the spellcraft/psicraft check again the next time she tries to conjure the Energy. If she succeeds, the Energy goes off with no further complications.

Energy Focus:

Prerequisites: Ability to conjure a 1st level Mystic Energy.

Benefit: Add +1 to the DC for all saving throws against spells from your Chosen Discipline.

Energy Focus Greater:

Prerequisites: Ability to conjure a 1st level Mystic Energy and Energy Focus.

Benefit: Add +1 to the DC for all saving throws against spells from your Chosen Discipline. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Energy Focus.

As said, it is not entirely complete yet. I still need 70 more energies for the other seven disciplines, and I still need to refine and playtest the class. Though I do think it has the potential, and I'd like your help with pulling out that potential and make it something great.

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I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I just thought you should know that there's a class called Mystic in the Dragonlance setting.