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Viscount Einstrauss
2006-12-14, 04:29 PM

Alignment: Any good alignment
BAB: +7
Int: 13
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Precise Shot
Special: Must have committed a great deed in a city that went unrewarded and unrecognized

An introduction-
In the cold dead of night, deep in the recesses of streets empty and silent, you come upon a strange bracer attached to an equally odd glove, made for your off-hand. It appears to be made of jet and black velvet, and has three prongs along the outside. It's weird beauty entices you to pick it up.
A breeze passes you in the alley and taps your shoulder like a ghostly hand. Your attention is drawn to another street that you'd never noticed before. An incomprehensible power drags your feet towards it.
An old man in a dark cloak with a trim white beard waits against a stone wall, watching you. He nods a greeting. "I've seen you. Your deeds are known to me. As is your heart."
He motions slowly with a hand towards the glove in your hand. "That is for you. It is a gift from myself and my god. It can be a powerful tool for punishing the wickedness of the night in the hands of a pious man. To a fool, it may as well be a sword with no hilt."
You slide the glove and bracer over a hand. It fits snugly, like it was made just for you. You flex the hand. Three small blades tethered to shining magic strings burst from the prongs on the side, impaling a wall. As you pull back, the strings retract and return to the gauntlet.
"That is a doulchegewehr. As you are now, you can't control it. But I can teach you to master it. All I ask of you in return is that you use it to protect the innocent in the name of my god. Come with me. We'll begin your training."

The doulchegewehr fits over one hand as though it was a gauntlet. It counts as a light weapon. No gauntlets may be equipped while wearing a doulchegewehr, but an additional weapon may be wielded in that hand so long as the user has the feat Exotic Weapon: Doulchegewehr. All doulchegewehrs are at least +2 magic weapons.
Cost: 10,000 gp (no shops sell Doulchegewehrs. Their existence is so rare that every report of seeing something like it is immediately considered an urban legend)
Dmg (S): 1d4 (+2)
Dmg (M): 1d6 (+2)
Critical: 20/x3
Range Increment: 30 feet
Weight: 2 lbs.
Damage Type: Piercing
Special: A doulchegewehr is entirely inoperable to anyone without the Exotic Weapon: Doulchegewehr feat. Attempting to use one without this feat strikes a random space within a 30 foot range with an attack bonus of +0.
13 intelligence is required to wield one doulchegewehr, and 15 intelligence is required to wield two at once.
A character wielding a doulchegewehr can make up to three attacks in a full attack action with each doulchegewehr, provided he has enough attacks in his base attack bonus.
Doulchegewehrs can be used to attach to a ceiling or wall and draw the wielder towards it. The object must be a wall, ceiling, character, or object at least one size larger than the character. The character must succeed at beating the attached object's AC to anchor to it. Every prong that attaches to the object can pull up to 80 lbs and can draw the character towards it at a rate of 20' per round. Objects a size smaller than the character are drawn towards it instead with the same weight and speed restrictions.
In melee, a doulchegewehr can be used as though it were a spiked gauntlet of the same size and enchantment bonus.
Strong transmutation; CL 20th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Forcecage, Telekinesis

Grand Doulchegewehr
A grand doulchegewehr is exactly the same as a regular doulchegewehr, except that it's at least a +5 magic enchantment, costs 70,000 gold, has an 80' range increment, weighs 3 lbs, and requires a CL of 30th to create.

Exotic Weapon: Doulchegewehr
Prerequisites: 13 intelligence, training from someone who already has the feat
The character may use a doulchegewehr without penalty.
Ranged Trip
Prerequisites: +11 BAB, Improved Trip, Exotic Weapon: Doulchegewehr
The character may attempt a ranged trip attack as a full round action with a doulchegewehr. If the character can wield two doulchegewehrs and has a BAB of +16, he can attempt to trip two opponents.

Prestige Class
BAB: Rogue's attack bonus
Hit Dice: d8
Skill Points: 6
Skills: Climb, Craft, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge: Local, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope
Level 1- Exotic Weapon: Doulchegewehr, Detect Evil
Level 2- Improved Reaction +2
Level 3- Urban Hide in Plain Sight
Level 4- Weapon Focus: Doulchegewehr
Level 5- Favorite City +1, Urban Night Stalk
Level 6- Urban Wall Melt
Level 7- Improved Reaction +4
Level 8- Silent Strike
Level 9- Weapon Specialization: Doulchegewehr
Level 10- All Roads
Improved Reaction- At 2nd level, a Geistwächter gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks.
At 7th level, the bonus increases to +4. This bonus stacks with the benefit provided by the Improved Initiative feat.
Urban Hide in Plain Sight- While in a city, a Geistwächter can use his hide skill even while being observed.
Favorite City +1- At level 5, a Geistwächter chooses a city. He gets a +1 bonus on hide, move silently, spot, search, and listen checks made within that city.
Urban Wall Melt- 3/day, a Geistwächter can freely move through a nonmagical 5' wall or door inside of a city. This counts as a free action. Urban Wall Melt cannot be used more than once per round.
Urban Night Stalk- So long as the Geistwächter is in a city at night, he gets a +4 competence bonus to hide and move silently skill checks.
Silent Strike- 4/day, any time you successfully hit with an AoO, you may choose to hit the opponent in such a way that it silences them for 1d4 rounds.
All Roads- 1/week, a Geistwächter can instantaneously travel to any city he has visited in the past so long as he's either in another city or on a road. He arrives just inside of front gate of his choice. The action otherwise behaves exactly like a teleport spell as if cast by a 9th level spellcaster.

The Last Road
Upon finishing your training as a Geistwächter, you return to the alley where you have always met with your teacher for instruction. You find that the street no longer exists, and a thick brick wall that appears to have always been there is in it's place.
Behind a broken crate near the wall, you see something glinting under the moonlight. Another doulchegewehr, grander then the one given to you before and made for your favored hand. You pick it up and put it on. As you do, the wind changes and flows out of the alley. You hear your mentor's voice one last time.
"The cities of man are your's now, Geistwächter. Keep them safe, always."

Fualkner Asiniti
2006-12-14, 04:42 PM
very nice. try to explain the prestige class better though. I don't know some of the terms. (Improved Reaction?)

Viscount Einstrauss
2006-12-14, 05:19 PM
Oh, sorry. I got those from preexisting abilities on other classes. I'll make notes for them.

2006-12-14, 08:48 PM
what kind of weapon is this? is it a light weapon or a one handed weapon?

Viscount Einstrauss
2006-12-14, 10:37 PM
Man, thank god people are looking over my shoulder. My frazzle brain misses stuff sometimes :P

It's a one-handed light weapon that acts like a gauntlet that only covers one hand.