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2006-12-15, 05:55 PM
Inspired by Mithra from Final Fantasy XI and Keidran from Two Kinds Web Comic

Medium Humanoid
Base Land Speed: 30ft
LA: 0
Alignment: Usually chaotic good although many can be lawful or chaotic evil

+2 Dexterity -2 Constitution: Kulus are agile but frail

Dark Vision to 60 feet, Kulu often hunt in the middle of the night even in moonless light

+1 Spot, Listen and Survival Although Kulu have keen senses they can sometimes be easily distracted.

+2 Balance: Kulu tails provide a natural source of balance.

Sensitive Nose: Because of their potent sense of smell they can identify familiar smells and gain +2 spot check against disguise checks. However they also gain –2 fort save against inhaled poisons.

-2 Sense Motive: Because of their lack of dealing with other nations and their na´ve attitudes they are much easier to fool

Bow Strength (Su): As a super natural ability Kulu have much greater insight in use of their bows giving them +1 attack rolls and +1 damage.

Special Armor (Su): Because of their tail Kulus require specially made or modified medium and heavy armor because of their tail and some unexplained super natural effect that causes Kulu to feel uncomfortable and unable to move as freely . Hastily modifying armor for Kulu requires use of special blessed oils and material and risk a chance to destroying magical armor. The base price of medium and heavy armor for Kulu is doubled.

Survival is always a class skill

Claws: Although Kulu are born with claws they’re not strong or long enough to be treated as natural weapons instead a Kulu could choose to do unarmed as slashing or bludgeon damage all other unarmed attack rules apply. Thus without improved unarmed attacking without a weapon provokes a AoO as normal.

Racial feat Scent: As a selectable feat can gain scent ability as described from Monster Manual, and remains in effect even polymorphed or wildshaped.

Kulu born in their native land of Elishmo live a tribal life style with a chieftain in charge of the tribe over seeing the interest of the tribe are met. These chieftains are often the strongest warrior or highest level druid in the tribe. One unique aspect of their race evolved and developed few random memory and talents of their parents are passed along to their children. Unlike normal memories these are often hidden in the brain such as recognizing a familiar person their parents met and don’t know where they recognize the person from or view dreams of past events their parents experienced. Because of their short lifespan newborns are born with mental and maturity of five years old and reach adulthood at age of 10.

Because of their memory transfer ability nearly always (with very few exceptions) Kulu are born with their parent’s bowmen skill only taking perhaps a week to “relearn” their bowmen skills. Because of this ability to transfer their memory their bowmen skill many tribes often independently set up special units which are identical to Elven Arcane Archers.

Because of their isolation and constant year round warm temperature and thick fur clothing seems alien to them. Only during the Great War when mainland nations discovered the island of Elishmo and recruited Kulu to supplement their forces fast trainable forces did the concept of clothing enter their culture. Growing up in another nation Kulu may be found wearing clothing although they find it uncomfortable and in warmer climates may regularly trim their fast growing fur to avoid getting to hot. Because they recognize importance of armor in combat Kulu have specially made armor to allow for room for their tail, so it may continue to move about freely to provide balance. Despite normally living in warm climates Kulus who find themselves traveling or living in cold climates their fur seems to grow thicker in these region, although they may still suffer from extreme cold and heat like other races.

However one fate all Kulu fear is that one day they may become feral, after a strong event such as the immense event of having their whole tribe slaughter and the Kulu becomes the sole survivor the Kulu may become a Feral Kulu. Feral Kulu mind degrades to that of animal (Int of 2) and behave like an animals often staying with other Feral Kulu, others may join pack of ordinary or dire animals believing they’re member of that race. A cure for a Feral Kulu has yet to be discovered short of a Wish, although sometimes call of a loved one or reviving from the brink of death can revert the infliction. Feral Kulu are feared by most humanoid races because of their massive strength agility and high pain threshold and can regenerate wounds right before people eyes.
Also unlike other races Kulu males do not exist, instead most tribal Kulus reproduce by parthenogenesis (which is a form of asexual reproduction). However elsewhere where other humans and elves live, a male human/elf and Kulu couple could have children whom inherit genetic traits from both parents. Unlike half-elfs the children of a kulu and human/elf couples the kulu genes dominant the other parent’s genes resulting in another Kulu and thus always female. Although despite their short age few Kulu are spread out through out the continent of Geos and Arcaniss.

Personality: Kulus are naturally playful and curious race and are often carefree compare to longer live races. Sometimes they rush ahead and do things which seems to be even rash for other races other find Kulu very naive and can be easily lied to mainly to lack of interaction of cultures besides their own.

Religion: All Kulu are born with a reference towards nature and with majority of the Kulu population and with majority of the population living in tribal units as such druids make up much religious structure and believe that becoming a blighter is the worse sin and are actively hunted if one believed to be alive and near by. Although Kulu fear a Feral Kulu they understand it’s not the Kulu’s fault for becoming one and would rather capture them alive to cure them. Although majority of the clergy are druids there are a few clerics majority of which favor nature deities but are free to practice other religions.

Adulthood: 10 Youngest: 1d2 Averages: 1d3 Oldest: 1d4
Base height and weight:

Female: 4'5" +2d10 Base weight 85 x2d4 lb.

2006-12-15, 10:59 PM
I think Goblins live longer than this.

2006-12-15, 11:02 PM
I think Goblins live longer than this.

Game play wise or max age?

2006-12-16, 11:00 AM
A race of catgirls? Not the first I've seen.

Overall, it looks sorta meh. Not that interesting.

2006-12-16, 03:42 PM
Alright, I'll try to keep as much as possible, balance it a bit better for LA:0 stick to the flavour given and tidy it up a bit.

Kulu Medium Humanoid(Kulu)

+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom

Kulu base land speed is 30 feet

-1 racial saving throw penalty againest enchantment spells or effects.

+2 Racial bonus to Balance and survival Checks.

Kulu Fall: A Kulu takes falling damage as if the fall were 10 feet shorter than it actually is. This ovverlaps with the monk's slowfall ability. (they can 'slow' a fall 10 feet even if there is nothing within arm's reach, If there is a wall within arms reach the kulu uses what ever slowfall ability is better for the kulu)

Bow Strength


Special Armour


Arcane Archery: A Kulu counts as elven for the racial prerequisite of the arcane archer prestige class.

Weapon Proficiency: Kulu are automatically proficient with all bows

Claws: A Kulu's unarmed attacks dealing slashing damage, they are in all other respects identical to the unarmed attacks of a medium humanoid. Kulu are not automatically proficient with these claws

Hunter's Claws(feat)
Race- Kulu
Level- 1st

Kulu born with 'Hunter's claws' have a primary natural attack routine of claw\claw. These attacks deals 1d6 20\x2 piercing and slashing damage plus the Kulu's full strength bonus. This replaces the standard Kulu's Claws special ability.

Bow Strength (Su): Kulu have the innate supernatural ability to fire a bow and recieve the full strength bonus to damage. When firing a composite bow Kulu do 1.5x strength damage upto the strength rating of the composite bow. This ability does not effect attack rolls with bows, It does however let a kulu fire a composite bow with a strength rating higher then her strength modifier.

Special Armor: Kulu's require special made armour to accomodate their tail, base cost of kulu armour is double the base price of standard medium humanoid armour.

2006-12-16, 04:33 PM
Scouts and Rangers that have poor spot checks? Pass. I think Kobolds are stronger. and I'm talking about pre-Races of the Dragon Kobolds at that.

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bump, I radically edited the race and need new opinions.

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bump made some changes

2007-02-21, 05:19 PM
You might want to make things like Bow Strength an Ex ability. That implies an innate, nonmagical power.
A supernatural ability can be hampered by an antimagic field.