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2013-08-25, 07:54 PM
So, a bit of backstory. I love the lycanthrope template. It is my favourite for lots of reasons. Fairly low LA, infinite versatility, and its just cool! For lower LA (and more bang for your buck) than a vampire, flesh golem, or mummy, you get to be one of the big four of classic monsters! As well, its just cool.
I am hoping to be a warforged in an upcoming campaign, and realized that I can't be a were-warforged. Then I realized that were and war sound almost the same. Then the idea for a were-forged was born.

So, to read my template here, look at the lycanthrope template
Anything that is not mentioned here is the same. Replace lycanthrope with wereforged and animal with construct.

Size and Type
The base creature’s type does not change, but the creature gains the shapechanger subtype, as well as the living construct subtype, if it did not already have that. The wereforged takes on the characteristics of some type of construct (referred to hereafter as the base construct).

This construct can be any construct whose size is within one size category of the base creature’s size (Small, Medium, or Large for a Medium base creature). Wereforgeds can also adopt a hybrid shape that combines features of the base creature and the base animal. A wereforged’s hybrid form is the same size as the base animal or the base creature, whichever is larger.

A wereforged uses either the base creature’s or the base animal’s statistics and special abilities in addition to those described here.

Special Qualities
Special Qualities
A wereforged retains all the special qualities of the base creature and the base animal, and also gains those described below.

Alternate Form (Su)
A wereforged can assume the form of a specific animal (as indicated in its entry).

Changing to or from construct or hybrid form is a standard action.

A slain wereforged reverts to its humanoid form, although it remains dead. Separated body parts retain their construct form, however.

All wereforged are natural, and so have full control over this power.

Damage Reduction (Ex)
An afflicted wereforged in construct or hybrid form has damage reduction 5/adamantine. A natural wereforged in construct or hybrid form has damage reduction 10/adamantine.

Wereforged Empathy (Ex)
In any form, wereforged can communicate and empathize with constructs of their construct form. This gives them a +4 racial bonus on checks when influencing the construct's attitude (if the construct is not mindless) and allows the communication of simple concepts and (if the construct is friendly) commands, such as "friend," "foe," "flee," and "attack."

Low-Light Vision (Ex)
A wereforged has low-light vision in any form.

Scent (Ex)
A wereforged has the scent ability in any form.

Skills, abilites, BSB,
Base Save Bonuses
Add the base save bonuses of the base construct to the base save bonuses of the base creature.

All wereforged gain +2 to Wisdom. In addition, when in construct form, a wereforged's physical ability scores improve according to its kind, as set out in the table below. These adjustments are equal to the animal’s normal ability scores -10 or -11. A wereforged in hybrid form modifies its physical ability scores by the same amount.

If the construct has any ability scores below 3 those modifiers are ignored when in hybrid or construct form.

In addition, a wereforged may also gain an additional ability score increase by virtue of its extra Hit Dice.

All wereforged have a Constitution score, as they have the living construct subtype.

A wereforged gains skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) per Hit Die of its animal form, as if it had multiclassed into the animal type. (Construct is never its first Hit Die, though, and it does not gain quadruple skill points for any construct Hit Die.) Any skill given in the animal’s description is a class skill for the wereforged's construct levels. In any form, a wereforged also has any racial skill bonuses of the base creature and of the base construct, although conditional skill bonuses only apply in the associated form.

CR, LA, etc.
Challenge Rating
By class level or base creature, modified according to the HD of the base construct: 1 HD or 2 HD, +2; 3 HD to 5 HD, +3; 6 HD to 10 HD, +4; 11 HD to 20 HD, +5; 21 or more HD, +6.

By character class.

Level Adjustment
+3 In addition, a wereforged's character level is increased by the number of racial Hit Dice the base construct has.

Allowed Construct forms
Allowed Construct forms
Clockwork Stallion, Clockwork Pony, Clockroach, Iron Defender

Warforged Scorpion? Secrets of Xendrik
Steel Kraken? Five Nations
Warforged Charger? MM III 191
Shredstorm? MM III 153

Any suggestions are appreciated, especially suggestions for extra construct alternate forms, as my current list is somewhat lacking.

2013-09-02, 09:54 AM
Why not just utilize the same animals as the lycanthrope template and change them into living constructs? A warwolf, warbear, warboar, wartiger, and so on. The little kid in me who grew up watching Beast Wars thinks that's a great idea and I might wind up cribbing it.

How do warforged attachments interact with this?

2013-09-02, 12:02 PM
Good point about the animals. Maybe a list of both animals and constructs?

I would say that wereforged components would act the same in hybrid and warforged forms, but if they are weapons then they don't work in animal form. Otherwise things like Docents and the wing things would still work.