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2006-12-22, 12:18 PM
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-I thought there was a delete button. Strange.

2006-12-23, 06:00 AM
It's definately not CR 10. With a Fort save that low, most characters could one-shot it fairly easily at that level. It looks more like a CR 4.
Also: it should have Defence, not AC. It shouldn't have alignment. There's no listed Massive Damage Threshold. Allegiances would presumably be 'Friends of Goldy'. The skills aren't clear, are they total modifiers or ranks? The math seems to be off as well.

Edit: HD should be 8d8+24 (60hp)
Init should be +6.
I can't check the Defence, there's no listings for its bonuses.
BAB should be +6/+1, Grapple +9
Attack should be +9 melee (1d6+3/19-20, hook) or +9 melee (2d3+3, claw) (why is this 2d3? It should be 1d4 for a medium humanoid)
Full attack: +9/+4 melee (1d6+3/19-20, hook) and +4 melee (2d3+3, claw)
Saves (assuming you intend Fort to be the good save): Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +4

Like this, it's CR 4 or 5.

2006-12-24, 02:45 AM
Kay. Thanks. I've never made a monster for D20 modern (my only other monster is basically buu translated into DnD). I used the monster making guide in the guide to homebrewing thing and tossed a number out there for the CR. I added alignment because monsters in the d20 modern book had alignments listed, figured it must count for something. As for AC/Defense... old habits, y'know.
Well, some minor playtesting has revealed to me many other more pressing concerns regarding the creature, as well as some plot and setting alterations. amongst them, creating/defining the creation process, meddling with some of the powers, etc.

-The major problem I was anticipating was the concealment power. I found, amongst other things, it works much better in a dark place than, say, the middle of the street in the morning.

2006-12-24, 07:58 AM
I see this having Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4. It has a +6 Dexterity modifier, and it should have racial hit die save bonuses. No way it's Ref +2.

The skills are also wrong: some of them actually have negative ranks in them, such as Tumble. If they are ranks, they are equally wrong: this creature has 60 ranks to allocate. I can think of some being cross-class, but it won't work either.

Base Attack Bonus should be +6/+1, and since this a medium-sized creature, Grapple should also be the same.

Initiative should be +6.

I fail to understand the Attack and Full Attack entries - what do those numbers mean?

You should use monster entries similar to those used in d20 Modern Menace Manual. This shouldn't have Reputation and Action Points, anyway, but Allegiances and Massive Damage Threshold are missing.

And finally: why would you create a d20 Modern monster using the Monster Manual template?