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2013-09-08, 05:03 PM
Hello, this is my first thread. I know that clerics can choose to not worship a deity and follow an alternate belief instead. Taking this into account I pitched the idea of paladin that does not follow a particular deity. Where does he get his power from if it is not granted by the god? I want to say that this guy has celestial powers running through his blood using the Eldritch Heritage Feat, and he will be using the celestial bloodline. In playstlye I thought of him like a ronin among the paladins. He has paladin powers but does not belong to any particular order. This should creat ALOT of conflict for some fun roleplaying. My DM approved the idea and now I just gotta ask, what would be the best playstyle/build for this paladin? I need advice on what to take in regards to equipment, stats, feats, almost anything really. I DO know that he will have 3 feats used on the 3 levels of Eldritch Heritage, and that he should have a high enough charisma to be able to take those feats, and finally that he will be a human and the campaign will be normal fantasy pointbuy. I also am feeling like making him an archer, because I already saw friends doing mounted paladins and big sword paladins and I want to do something fresh. All suggestions are welcome and thank you all in advance.

2013-09-08, 06:41 PM
As far as I know, paladins don't primarily serve deities, they serve good. A paladin may revere a deity because the deity does not actually grant the paladin any power.

For example lets say that Bob teh Paladin worships THOR, god of lightning, justice and DRINKING. Thor, after drinking too much in sults Bocob and the two battle it out in a duel that levels entire planar cities. After the smoke clears Bocob walks out and Thor's servants are left to clean up the smoking remains of a former god. While Thor's clerics are up ca-ca creek without a paddle; Bob teh Paladin is left, mechanically, no worse for wear.