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Admiral Squish
2013-09-10, 11:34 AM
Medicine Bag
A medicine bag is a small bag, usually made of leather or beads, that occupies the neck slot. It can be worn anywhere on the body, but still is considered to occupy the neck slot. A medicine bag is used to carry small items of spiritual importance specific to the creator. As such, the benefits of the items held within do not apply to anyone other than the creator, and the items themselves are not inherently magical outside the medicine bag. It confers a number of minor benefits to the wearer. Nobody but the creator is allowed to look in a medicine bag, and the bag is usually buried with the owner. A medicine bag can hold a number of items equal to ˝ the character’s level. You cannot have more than one item of any type. All magical effects have a caster level of 1. All bonuses are untyped.

Steel shard: +1 to str checks and str-based skill checks
Copper shard: +1 to dex and dex-based skill checks
Iron Shard: +1 to con and con-based skill checks
Silver Shard: +1 to int and int-based skill checks
Lead shard: +1 to wis and wis-based skill checks
Gold shard: +1 to cha and cha-based skill checks
Hawk Feather: +1 to ranged attack rolls
Eagle Feather: +1 to ranged damage rolls
Beast Claw: +1 to melee attack rolls
Beast Fang: +1 to melee damage rolls
Brown Fur: +1 to reflex saves
Black Fur: +1 to fortitude saves
White Fur: +1 to will saves
Stone Idol: +1 to divine spell DCs
Carved Glyph: +1 to arcane spell Dcs
Shimmering Stone: +1 bonus to AC
Swift Feather: +5 to base land speed
Vibrant Seed: Heal +1 ability damage per rest
Vibrant Nut: Heal +˝ your level per rest.
Dark Totem:Once per day, as a standard action, Curse a single target within 30 feet. Target takes -1 on attack rolls, damage rolls, AC, saves, sill checks and ability checks for one hour.
Cloud Cotton: the wearer is protected from the effects of harsh weather as though by an endure elements spell.
Gleaming Gem: As a standard action, the medicine bag can be made to shed light like a torch. The light lasts until dismissed.
Pure Turquoise: Any food or drink the wearer consumes in purified, as though by a purify food and drink spell.
Opal: As a standard action, the wearer can perform minor magical tricks, as though using the prestidigitation spell.

Admiral Squish
2013-09-10, 12:34 PM
An item like this is obviously unusual in a bunch of ways, but there are some things that make it particularly odd. For one, it can't really be sold, since only the wearer can benefit from it. And since the item 'scales' by adding in new trinkets, the value of it can't be static, either. Maybe a price for each trinket? Or price categories, with a bunch of trinkets under each category?

2013-09-10, 12:44 PM
I'm not really so great at pricing everything so I'll leave that to someone who understands how that is supposed to work.

A couple questions though:
What is the caster level of the spell like effects?

How does someone gain more trinkets for the medicine bag in play? Is it as simple as adding a new item to the bag, or is each trinket an individual magic item?

2013-09-10, 12:44 PM
An interesting piece you've got here... the bonuses probably need types though, to better determine the value of the bag. I don't know how you'd sort the monetary value of this though.

It's not clear from the writeup that it can't be sold or traded. The line about only the owner being able to look in it doesn't mean that ownership can't be transferred by sale, gift, or theft or that it can't be looted from a corpse to become the new owner. If those things aren't supposed to happen, a line about how a bag is created for a particular creature and no other creature can ever benefit from the bag might be more clear.

Admiral Squish
2013-09-10, 01:01 PM
There, I think I clarified that it can't useful to anyone but the creator in the opening blurb, and that the items themselves aren't inherently magic.

As for bonus types, I figured that since these bonuses are so small, you'd want things that would stack with other sources, so I tried to leave them untyped.
Also, I don't know about caster level, maybe just 1st?

2013-11-18, 08:25 AM
How much does the Medicine Bag weigh? Does it get heavier as you add more items to it?