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2013-09-13, 04:46 AM
Hello everyone :) !
Greetings from Serbia :P
As a pretty much new player in roleplaying, I joined a group of people with substantial knowledge in both 3.5 and Pathfinder ( which we are currently playing ). Although I downloaded most of stuff that I could find about Pathfinder, and after 10 or so sessions, I pretty much understand how it all works, my first character that i picked, an Oread Summoner ( whose background story i will attach if anyone is interested to read. Notice, we rolled random background then created a story out of it :) was much easier to play as I see it, but sadly it revealed itself as good, in an evil state, in neutral/evil company, and although it was on Celestial language, and to some sort of good guy, sadly one of the inquisitor evil companions knew it, and cause GM liked my char quite , he made a npc out of it, sent him to other plane with that good guy, but out of practical reasons I can't use that char anymore , cause whole state is chasing him.
So, as given privilege to build a character of 4th level, instead of beginning at level 1 again, I created an Strix Antipaladin( Read : Anakin , as basically thats how story turns out ) , literally darkest creature I could imagine, with chaotic evil alignment.
I rolled background story, with which i didn't finish making my full background story writing, but I will attach it if anyone is interested.
GM introduced me as part of royal guard of sort of King of that country, whom is ultimate bad guy, and since our party released the good guy, with whom my summoner escaped, we are sent to fix what we started.
I am given full-plate armor, with masterwork flail with +1 on to hit.
Basically I would like to use Scythe, so I bought it before we left town, but I want to know what kind of feats, spells, skills, should I take for that build to work.
So here is kind of my character sheet, hopefully it will help :)
Name : Seth
Race : Strix
Alignment : Chaotic Evil
Background : Plains - Savanah Child, Artisans - Artisan social trait , Righteous Mentor - Natural Born Social Trait , Mass Murder , enemy or rival . (basically in story if you will read it, after moment i burried my master, i found out that my paladin village is slaughtered, and i somehow get captured . I get tortured by Inquisitors whom i get to utterly hate later in game, and i accept after lots of it to join arena to fight other slaves for my freedom. Basically there is arena in that main evil town, where slaves fight eachother and survivor gets into next circle. It goes like first round 1 v1, next one , 2v1, next one 3v1, etc, until at the end you fight 300 of them, and if you win, you join royal guard. Gm offered that as part of story, so i accepted it. That also becomes the reason why i turn from paladin to antipaladin )
STR : 16 +3
DEX : 12 +1
CON : 16 +3
INT : 15+2
WIS : 14 +2
CHA : 18 +4

HP : 54. Hit die D10 . BAB 4, FORT 4 , REFLEX 1 , WILL 4 .
AC total i think 20.
Heavy Flail(Masterwork +1 to hit ) , Scythe, Snag Net of weapons.

I get 2 feats to take as I was told i think.
I think Channel Smite would be good as it is adds more power to my weapon.
And as far of skills go , magic weapon +1 , just in case GM adds creature which don't receive attacks from nothing but magic ( which happened )
Throw Anything is always fun as i seen, especially as Strix.
However I didn't take these yet, so feel free to suggest anything you want.

Also, what should I do to beat an Dhampir Inquisitor with LE alignment.
He is guy whom taddletaled my dear summoner xD So i kinda want to kill him, and chaotic evil doesn't need reasons to kill xD We are of same level :)


2013-09-13, 08:02 AM
One main thing I recommend is using a weapon with reach, like a type of spear. Since you can fly, if you have a 10 ft range weapon, most enemies will not be able to reach you while you melee them. (Or they will have to switch to a bow or secondary weapon, which is still good for you.)

Did you roll your attributes or use a type of point-buy? If the latter, I'd say lower Int to 14 and move the points to something else. I like Int for skill points, but that's all it gives you, so you would probably be stronger (unless the game highly values skills) if you lower it to 12 and move the points to a skill you use.
Dex 13 could be useful, as it unlocks certain feat trees, but you don't necessarily need any of those feats.

For feats, use at monstrous feats related to flying. Flyby Attack is pretty good, and the one that lets you hover could be useful. I recommend talking over the flight rules with your DM, so you understand your options and whether those feats would help or not.

I'm not that familiar with antipaladin and don't have experience playing paladins, so I can't offer much there. Protection from Evil/Good is a very good spell. (In addition to bonuses when attacked by the protected alignment, it gives you immunity to mind control. Not all mind-affecting, but still very good.)

Also, what should I do to beat an Dhampir Inquisitor with LE alignment.
He is guy whom taddletaled my dear summoner xD So i kinda want to kill him, and chaotic evil doesn't need reasons to kill xD We are of same level :)

It sounds like your party is okay with Player-vs-Player death, but it is generally good advice to talk to your DM and to make sure players mine. If it bothered you when your character got killed, it's probably best not to kill off the offender, lest the game devolve into your characters killing each other. Also, many people dislike the 'kill whoever for whatever reason' type of CE, but, again, it could fit in the party and group dynamic you have.

Also, consider how the other PCs would react. In-character, they let your old character die since he was good, but in this case they might be opposed to a PC being killed.

2013-09-14, 12:13 PM
Well basically i still want to make scythe work, so I kinda asked that :P
We rolled for attributes, so changing them is not an option. What does dex 13 unlock :) ? I Have to remind ya that i am pretty much new player :)
DM is really open-minded, even gave me to use changeling from our party as undead minion, cause we made that deal, so i can heal it with touch :)
I don't want to kill him, maybe with that scythe that lowers levels, to lover his level :P
Since there is no official enemy here, this will spice things up, harming him a bit would be lovely :)

The Glyphstone
2013-09-14, 02:50 PM
You're still missing the point. Metagaming by deliberately targeting the PC/player who messed with your last one, when your new character has no connection to the old one, is inviting a level of retributive PvP that most groups aren't willing to support. It sets up a vicious cycle of meta-killing that ruins campaigns and ends friendships/gaming groups if it's not handled exquisitely well.

TLDR: Aiming to harm his PC because he harmed your last one is violating the Wheaton Law. Don't do it.

2013-09-14, 06:02 PM
Yeah i get it :) I am thinking of actually making him join my little minion army.
Cause we are both evil now :)

But still that doesn't help my question :P Its interesting how everyone wants to point me on righteous path xD

The Glyphstone
2013-09-14, 11:02 PM
No one is pointing you onto a righteous path. People are telling you not to deliberately cause OOC strife and problems in your group out of a grudge for reasonable IC actions. You said you're new to this, and we're trying to tell you that what you want to do - increasingly convoluted ways to 'punish' the player/character who caused your last character to be run off/killed - is not cool, and not something good players do.

You're both evil. So rather than target him, go out of your way to be his best buddy. Evil gotta stick together, yo, and even psychos can have friends who appreciate and share their 'unique' outlook on life.

2013-09-15, 04:17 AM
Ok ok ok xD
Just stop discussing that :P its not what i asked about :P
And i got no clue what most of shortcuts you used mean :D

2013-09-16, 09:57 AM
I will recommend again to at least talk to your GM to make sure he is okay with this path for your character.

But, to your questions:
As I said, I don't know a lot about paladin or antipaladin in Pathfinder, but you can look at the spell list at
to find some nice spells. But unless you are level 4, that doesn't help you.

The Cruelty to give shaken could probably help you, if the guy fails his Will save.

The safest way would be to kill him in his sleep (auto-crit with a scythe as a coup de grace... or does Pathfinder not have the same rules as D&D for that?), but that is likely to really tick off the player, more than a fair fight. (or relatively fair).
I still think a reach weapon would fit you better than a scythe, though, to help you attack him while he can't reach you well.

Dex 13 unlocks some feats like Dodge (not that useful) and a few feats that let you do special combat options well. Look through the 'Feats' section on the PRD I linked to above.

Also, try to figure out what his usual spells are. That way you know what to expect or try to counter.