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Stake A Vamp
2013-09-19, 02:32 PM
so a while ago, i decided i should do something with my life, and in what seemed to be the most logical conclusion and started a gaming group
the campaign started as just some goblin, but by the end, it will be a race to save the world from the glorious seven, the embodiements of evil on the material plane

the party
Sir Alden: a washed up human paladin, who used to be an adventurer like you, until he got to old for that stuff. a young rouge and a gung-ho cleric got him back in the game.
Gill: a human rouge, in over his head and in trouble with the law, he asked the church of helm for a chance at redemption, he received it in the form of Grundli
Grundli: a dwarf cleric of helm, he has lived his life in the valley and seeks to protect his home from the growing goblin threat, he took upon himself the redemption of the human rouge gill, in the hopes that he could turn his talents for good.
Shalla-tyr: a half-elf fighter out to make a profit, she fights with them to loot and recieve rewards.
glynroy: a human sorcerer with a fondness for dance and attack magic

Vin Robinson
2013-09-25, 12:09 PM
Intriguing! I hope to read more in the future.

Stake A Vamp
2013-09-25, 03:30 PM
Part 1: Could you have used a more steriotypical level 1 villain!
we began in the throne room. the heirophant (an honorary title, he has 4 levels of cleric) has called the brave sir Alden, pious brother Grundli, and brother Grundli's latest ward, the thief Gill, to address a new threat. some new leader, calling himself "the Prophet", has gathered all the goblins in the valley, and many more besides, some coming from as far away as anouroc. they have recently burned the old monastery in the mountains, slaughtering the monks in the process. much of the force has since spread out and set up camps around the valley, however, some of them remain on that spot, camping on the ashes of the monastery itself.
"This desecration may not continue, and moreover, i fear what they may be guarding in the mountains. i cannot risk sending scouts until the encampment is destroyed. you three are the best suited for the job, from what understand, you have faced worse sir Alden"
"yes, your grace" sir Alden replied "but that was long ago, much of my skill is forgotten, and i have but my fathers equipment, i sold everything else when i retired, are you sure you want me leading this?"
"Faith, sir Alden, i trust you still remember some of your old skill with a blade you would do well to trust me in my wisdom"
"yes, your grace, i shall go"
"grundli, take our ward and aid him, you may keep any spoils of war, just so long as those goblins are destroyed"
so they went, to destroy the goblins, and reclaim the mountain-pass, and retrieve the gold they had plundered