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2013-09-21, 03:12 PM
After playing way too much Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup in the last few weeks, I got it in my head to GM a PbP 3.5 game that uses it as inspiration.
But I am still somewhat unsure on what to do in general with balance issues as I want to replace long rests with a more dynamic recovery system.
Since this would be the first attempt, usable material would be restricted to core with some modifications. I am still brainstorming potential rules.

These are the rules that differ from standard 3.5 so far.

- Full hitpoints per hitdie
- for the purpose of gaining hitpoints each level, the constitution modifier is supplemented by half the strenght modifier and a third of the dexterity modifier (calculate fractional, then round down result).
- Hitpoints are regained at a rate of 0.01 times your total each round (so with 10hp you would regain 1 every 10 rounds)
- All feats that pertain to specific weapons (weapon focus, etc) now pertain to all weapons that are similar in working (long blade, short blade, polearm, bludgeoning instrument etc)

- Spellcasters use spellpoint system and regain 0.01 times their total spellpoints per round (similar to hitpoints)
- All casters work with "spells known"
- A caster has knowledge slots equal to their level plus their casting stat modifier and a spell costs slots equal to its level to memorize. (scrolls of amnesia can be found in the dungeon to erase knowledge of a spell)
- Originally prepared casters gain twice as many knowledge slots, while spontaneous casters regain spellpoints twice as fast.
- It is possible to specialize in a school (for every caster). For this school, their spells are cast at a +2 to caster level and DC. For every other school their spells are cast at a -1 CL and DC. (This means that at 1st level a specialized caster may only cast spells of their chosen school)
- Spellcasters start with a spellbook that contains two first and one second level spell of their chooseing as well as one randomly chose spell of levels 3-5 each. For a specialized caster, all spells in the beginning Spellbook must be of their school.

I am very open to opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism.

PS: the game will not have a hunger mechanic because that is entirely too hard to keep track off in PbP.

2013-09-22, 03:14 PM
I've played a bit of Stone oup, never getting very far. Seriously, that game is harder than Dark Souls.
Anyway, Wouldn't making some rules about how often monsters appear and some rules about what gods do help to add to the feel?
Monsters appearing at random is something hard to do without it feeling like it is changing to either help or hinder you and not be some sort of unfair system that will spawn more monsters in when it shouldn't.

Gods I think would be a good addition, because some of them, like the god of chaos make the game much more interesting.

2013-09-22, 03:39 PM
I've been thinking about Gods, but so far every attempt to make good piety rules made my head swim.
The biggest push for gods was the initial thought of giving Barbarians automatically to Trog (since they are the Berserker equivalent).

Respawning monsters was an idea, but since I most likely won't have a hunger clock, that would make loitering too good unless I ramp up the randomness of high CR monsters appearing after a certain time substantially.

EDIT: Also, Xom would be insanely hilarious (mostly insane though) for a 3.5 based game.