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2006-12-27, 12:20 PM
Whirlwind Charge

The attacker charges through the midst of the enemy ranks with a hurricane of blows. Only once he has stopped does the flash of blood spurt from enemy bodies almost simultaniously.

Prerequisites: Dodge, Mobility, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Whirlwind Attack

Effect: The attacker makes a full round charge. Every opponent that comes within the user’s threat range during the charge is subject to an attack at the attacker's Highest Base Attack Bonus with a -5 to attack and a +5 to damage. The user is subject to all normal attacks of opportunity AFTER their attacks have been rolled, making the use of this technique very dangerous if it does not kill the opponents. The user of this technique does not get extra attacks from Cleave, Great Cleave, or Whirlwind Attack while using this feat.

Duke of URL
2006-12-27, 12:24 PM
The attacker still gets the benefit of Mobility as a bonus against AoOs, right? (And Spring Attack would completely negate any AoO anyway...)

2006-12-27, 12:30 PM
Yes, as well as Expedient Dodge if they take that in place of Dodge.

Duke of URL
2006-12-27, 03:36 PM
Sounds like a Weapon Master's dream, then. :biggrin:

2006-12-27, 03:48 PM
this allows for I THINK too many attacks, charge.. lets say it's a monk lvl 20 (human) speed = 120, so.... 240 ft, assume he charges down an army line
1 every 5 feet = 48 attacks, or if in some bizare situation there's one on each side, 96 attacks
and with springattack that would negate the AoO and if it didn't +4 AC

I could see this in anime d20, but not so much in regular d20

all being said, i love it <3

Duke of URL
2006-12-27, 03:57 PM
Okay... questions out of the way, time for some serious critiques...

* Requirements -- maybe add Whirlwind Attack? It's essentially a "moving" version of WWA

* Effects -- You're getting the potential of a huge number of attacks here... given the fact that you're quickly moving past enemies, you should not gain any extra attacks from Cleave/Great Cleave... or if you do, it only applies to your position at the end of the charge.

* AoOs -- There should probably be some way to ensure that a charge, no matter what feats the charger has, completely avoids any chance of an AoO

2006-12-27, 04:53 PM
This + spiked chain seems a little broken at level 6, no? Even reducing the attack roll by 3 doesn't really unbreak things if it's given back on damage. I'd say the attack roll should be reduced by 2 for a light weapon, by 4 for a two-hander or two-weapon wielder, and damage should be unaugmented.

It'd be especially broken for creatures with large reach and movement, and positively loony for a dragon. It gets to bite everything within 45 feet of its glide path as it aerial-charges 400+ feet. Ow. Granted, it's a fairly heavy feat investment, but still... Ow.

Monks only max (only!) at 90 move for a human according to the SRD info I brought up though, so they'd max out at a mere 70-ish targets (assuming medium size)

Now, the half-ogre monk wielding the large spiked chain, on the other hand...

2006-12-27, 10:19 PM
Yes, this does need some tweaking.

Spiked chain is broken period.