View Full Version : Oots campaign - could this work?

2013-10-10, 01:43 AM
So the other day I had this crazy idea. Maybe it is too much, maybe it won't work. I don't know just yet. I have time to work on it....that is I currently have no time, but I wouldn't be running this till late next semester.

My idea was well simply put play in the Ootsverse. With a bit of a twist. It would span different eras and dimensions. The main party would have characters for the main setting as well as ther alternates in the 4th dimension, maybe the 5th. They would also have pre made characters to play in the order of the scribble time using second edition rules and perhaps even an earlier time using first edition. The odd adventure in the past eras would have some connection to what is going on in the current and future/4th/5th dimensions.

Could this be pulled off, or am I just stark raving mad?

The Oni
2013-10-10, 03:11 AM
Could it? Yes. Should it? I dunno. OOTS is a story fundamentally about characters, and peripherally about D&D related jokes. Rich has created wonderful characters and a solid plot, but his setting is comparatively pretty generic. So unless your players are all enormous fans of the comic, it might not actually be that enjoyable.

I don't mean to discourage you, of course. Most of OOTS's elements would be very easy to stat. Also you would have a excuse to use the Dashing Swordsman class, which is A.) Balanced and B.) GLORIOUS.

2013-10-10, 12:34 PM
I've used the world as a setting before, largely for convenience though because the setting didn't matter, but I didn't want to use the regular DnD verse. I did my best to fill in gaps with the youtube series Journeyquest.