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2013-10-11, 01:12 PM
This is just a thought exercise and getting the thoughts down on paper with opportunity to hear from people who've seen a Rogue played far more than me :smallwink:. The idea is to give the Rogue some help (tier 3, less shutdown able) as well as account for some some logical facilities that bug me.

Keep standard rogue, except as described below.

Rogues should periodically stop by the rogues guilds in local towns for more than just selling stolen goods. It's not that they like or trust anyone, just tend to want to hear news, talk shop, and barter for practice. It's hard being the outcast, and getting to spend a little time around like minded people as well as know what's up in the region is not lost on them.

Change Sneak attack as follows: When being flanked, characters can declare (in fact has to declare, to gain the benefit) on their turn have the ability to declare they are focusing on 1 character/5 character levels who are all standing in a singular direction from them (a.k.a. use a vertical or horizontal line on the grid that outlines the perimeter of your character and only so many on that one side). If you flank but they are focusing on you, you gain no benefit from sneak attack. All unknown/unseen/uncanny dodge work as same.

Bonus Starting at level 2 increasing every 4 levels (+2 at 6, so on into epic) to all appraisal checks to determine the value (known or unknown) of an object. At level 14 roll all appraisal checks to determine the value of a (known or unknown) an item AND you gain one use of Identiy as a supernatual ability (bonus above (+1@2, +2@6) applies to check, simply the spell free 1/day) every 10 (so 2/day 12, 3/day 22 etc). At 20, you gain bonus = 1/2 rogue levels to identify any unique item worth more than .

Stealth bonuses (this is the big change):
Level 2: Camouflage as ranger
Level 5: Give Invisible (Su) (variant of Monk ACF Invisible Fist EoE, p 21) (if at least 6 ranks hide) swift action at will but only once every 1d6+1 rounds gain invisible for 1 round/rogue levels (requires swift action concentration to maintain).
Level 8: Can use greater invisibility limits duration to 1 round.
Level 11: Invisibility/ G. Invisibility usable every 1d4+1
Level 14: See invisible or deeper darkness no longer prevent the rogue from being seen (true seeing, scent, tremmorsense, etc. still work)
Level 17: Invisibility usable every 1d4 rounds (no epic progression)
Level 20: Hide in Plain Sight (within 10ft shadow version)
*Rational* They're sneaky little buggers. They begin to understand shadows and sight; by focusing their minds, they blend into the world around them, completely unseen for a brief period of time. Still shut down by see invisible until

Level 3: Trapsense and additional Spellsenese (gain AC bonus vs spells= trapsense bonus)
*Rational: not that much of a boost, goes with evasion and rogues being slippery little buggers

Precision hitting:
Level 6: Gain the feat improved critical for the weapon of your choice after practicing for no less than 8 hours. Can change weapon with 8 hours of practice.
Level 11: Bonus feat, Telling Blow (gives SN on critical)
Level 16: Automatic critical damage on successful SA
*Rational: hitting in just the right spot is hitting in just the right spot. I personally wonder how you CAN sneak attack with getting a critical in the first place... I see Rogues as fighter who swing aiming to hit the vulnerable spots in stead of fancy tricks or battlefield control.

Get first Special ability at level 7. Add following Special Abilities:
Permanent 1/2 SA damage (rounded down) and ability to critical hit undead OR constructs OR plants, etc. (taken once individually)

So, what do you think? Is this adding some, but not a truckload, more power, less dependency on casters/items, with the ability to be shut down a little less?

2013-10-11, 02:01 PM
It definitely makes a more assassin-like rogue. However, I think what people mainly dislike about the base rogue is it expects you to be one. You make the job easier but I think many people look for more suvivability and utility in a rogue to emulate the idea of the canny outlaw over stab-kill assassin.