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2013-10-22, 05:02 AM
Hey guys,

I've been looking online for some generic/adaptable RPG table top sets for Pathfinder. I've seen the beginner box but Im looking for something with more popup walls/doors (wall/door printed on card on a stand similar to the old space crusade boardgame), so we can quickly assemble different dungeons etc. As an addition, if it uses hex tiles instead of/as well as square that would be a bonus.

We are based in the UK, which may limit what we can get hold of (cheaply) but any sets you can suggest would be a boon, as I can atleast have something to look for.


P.s. We have previously used various bits from various Heroquest sets but various older siblings have decided these sets would be far better sat in there box not being used so they can pull them out every couple of years to look at how pretty they are before putting them away (this phenomena seems to occur at the ages of 30 to 35, further study is required).

2013-10-22, 06:29 AM
You could try knocking up some various 'jigsaw puzzle' floor pieces out of card (or light wood etc. if you have tools etc.) for long term re-use, or buy some rolls of cheap plain wallpaper (the stuff you paint over, i forget it's name) and just roll it out + draw as need be, perhaps with some acetate/clear plastic hex sheets to sit over the top, or just use a scale and measuring sticks/rulers/tapes like in tabletop games (the old necromunda set springs to mind with the red plastic rods).

2013-10-22, 09:16 AM
When I started out, a bucket of generic LEGO was my go-to thing for building dungeon sets. most basic sets will still come with doors, windows, wheels, etc. for your needs. If you want more specific set pieces, there are lots to choose from (I generally recommend the pirate and castle sets for the treasure chests and trap pieces).