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2013-10-25, 08:47 AM
These are the statistics I came up with for one of The Twelve mentioned in the Tome of Horrors books. You can see their pathfinder version here:


She has a few custom feats exclusive to my campaign setting which can be read about here:


Behead is from a d20 Vlad the Impaler book. Basically when you roll to confirm a crit, you roll to confirm again. If you do, you take their head off.

Her "summon agony chains" unique ability is based off of someone's Pinhead that I saw on a forum somewhere. I also gave her a few other spell likes for being a higher class of N'Gathau.

I should mention that in my setting I also do not allow extraplanar outsiders use of magic items. The exception is powerful ones on the tier of a lord of the nine hells which usually get one +5 weapon value offensive item and one +5 armor value defensive item. N'Gathau keep their class levels.

Veenes, The Blademistress of The Twelve

Level 12 Fighter/Level 10 Mortal Hunter

Female N'Gathau

Neutral Evil

Deity: The Quorum

Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal

STR: 24+7

DEX: 14+2

CON: 14+2

INT: 12+1

WIS: 16+3


HP: 267

Init +11 (+2 DEX +4 Improved Initiative, +5 warning weapon)

Speed: 30, 30 ft fly

AC: 21 (+2 DEX, +5 Deflection, +4 natural)

FORT: +17 (15 base+2 CON)

REF: +11 (7 base +2 DEX+2 Lightning Reflexes)

WILL:+12 (7 base +3 WIS +2 Iron Will)

BAB: +22/+17/+12/+7/+2

With Falchion:



Slam 1d8+7

+2 Wounding Falchion of Warning 2d4+2+10+4 (15-20)x2 +1 CON damage (2 on crit) +5 on initiative

Defensive Items:

Ring of Protection +5


Spot: 25 ranks + 3 Wis+2 Alertness = +30

Listen: 25 ranks +3 Wis+2 Alertness= +30

Intimidate: 17 ranks + 4 CHA+8 racial = +29

Sense Motive 18 ranks +3 Wis+ 8 racial = +29

Survival: 5 ranks +3 Wis = +8

Move Silently 3 ranks +2 Dex = +5


Able Learner

Improved Initiative

Improved Grapple

Power Attack

Improved Critical: Falchion

Greater Weapon Focus: Falchion

Greater Weapon Specialization: Falchion




Iron Will

Lightning Reflexes



Mortal Bane (5x/day spell like does 2d6 extra vs mortals and 50% less vs outsiders, undead, constructs)

Boost Spell Like Ability: Planeshift (+2 DC)

Quicken Spell Like Ability: Wall of Deadly Chains 3x/day


Mortal Hunting - +4 on attack rolls, damage rolls, bluff, listen, spot, sense motive checks vs mortals in 30ft.

Detect Mortals at will (As detect undead but mortals) -Caster level 15

Smite Mortals 1x/day - Wisdom to attack roll, twice levels to damage.

Mortal Bane Shout 1x/day- All Mortals in 50 ft DC: 36 WILL save or stunned one round.

Slay Mortal 1x/day-Touch attack DC: 36 FORT save mortal must save or die.

Mortal Skin: 1x/day can use a piece of mortal flesh to polymorph into any mortal. If identical to source of flesh can last permanent. If same type as source one hour, if not the same 10 minutes. Can dismiss as a standard action.

Spurn Mortal Magic: Bonus equal to WILL MOD to all saves vs spells and spell likes from mortals. Bonus equal to double WILL MOD if will save.

Claws of the Overfiend: Natural attacks do one size category more damage


DR: 10/Magic

Immunity to acid and poison

Resistance Cold: 5, Resistance Fire: 5

Spell Resistance: 33

Darkvision 60ft

Considered an outsider, evil, extraplanar, and augmented

Cruelty's Bliss -+2 competance bonus to attacks, checks, and saves vs a creature when crit on them.

Delicious Agony: 1d4 CON Drain + gain 5 HP on grapple checks

Exquisite Suffering: Touch attack DC: 23 WILL Save or stunned for one round. Creatures with more HD immune, creatures can only be affected once per 24 hours.

Horrifying Appearance: Creatures 10 HD or less DC: 25 WILL save or shaken 1d6 rounds. Creatures can only be affected once per 24 hours.

+8 racial bonus on intimidate and sense motive checks

Alertness, Toughness, Iron Will, Improved Critical, Weapon Focus as bonus feats.

Limited Immortality - If killed is sent back to Plane of Agony to be reconfigured with no memories or tortured for eternity.


Attachment - Circular saw to forehead deals an extra 1d6 slashing damage on grapple.

Attachment - Wings 30ft fly speed.

Degloving (back) -exposed muscle, skin used to create wings.

Flaying major (head) -skull opened in back brain exposed, -1 nat armor +2 Int, +2 horrifying appearance DC.

Wire Wrapping (arms)- No effect

Stitching (legs) +1 Natural Armor


1x/Day: Planeshift as 22nd level caster. DC: 21 resists (+2 boost spell like ability)

3x/Day: Wall of Deadly Chains as a 22nd level caster. (Page 108 Book of Vile Darkness)

Summon Agony Chains (At will):

Once per round, as a standard action, Veenes can summon up to six large-sized barbed black iron chains that appear from nothingness and fire from various directions at any target within 30ft. The chains automatically overcome any form of damage reduction.

The chains can trip and disarm or attempt to grapple foes * at a +30 modifier to each.

Each time the victim fails a grapple check they take an 2d6 points of damage from the barbs. Each additional chain attached after the first increases the check to break grapple by +2.

On her turn one per round as a free action Veenes can cause her chains to tighten and rip into a grappled opponent's flesh. This deals an additional 2d6 per chain attached.

Veenes can have a maximum of 12 chains in use at any given time.

A creature killed by these chains has their soul brought to the Plane of Agony under Veenes personal control. Only Wish or Miracle can bring them back.

Spells/Day: (Mortal Hunter Spell List) DC: 14+ Spell Level