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2013-10-29, 11:30 AM
Link is here (http://www.icv2.com/articles/markets/27068.html)

ICv2 is a company that keeps tabs on the trending and popularity of various bits of media, including roleplaying games. They compile the list by talking with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, using that to assess how much momentum each game has. I'm not sure where the full numbers are.

This time around, it's a particularly interesting list, because of changes compared to previous lists.

1. Pathfinder
2. Star Wars
3. D&D
4. Iron Kingdoms
5. Fate

I'm not terribly surprised that Pathfinder is a front-runner. It's steadily enjoyed a powerful popularity, and is certainly in its heyday. It's interesting to see that D&D got outpaced by Star Wars, thanks to Fantasy Flight's new push. As a poster on another thread pointed out, it's surprising in one sense that D&D is still on the Top 5, considering the lack of current product being put out in FLGSes.

Iron Kingdoms is one I've seen hanging around on the list for a while. I've heard a bit about it (apparently it was formerly a d20 branch that developed its own rules system, and is related to Warmachine?)...and then Fate. I knew that the Fate Core Kickstarter hit it big. I didn't realize that Fate itself had gotten recognition like that. Kudos to them! It's about time.

Your own thoughts? How's this square with what you've seen in the gaming stores you frequent?

2013-10-29, 02:40 PM
They mention Fate Core in your link (basically, Fate 4.0) rather than just Fate, although they probably didn't make much of a distinction. I'm happy to see it up there, though, because it's nice to see a different system on hand.

D&D/Pathfinder are basically the same, and Iron Kingdoms, while nifty, is still a lot like D&D with measuring tape. I'm not familiar with the new Star Wars RPG (There's another one?!) but I suspect it's quite similar to D&D in being very stat-heavy.

2013-10-29, 03:42 PM
Iron Kingdoms was originally a DnD setting that turned into two sister tabletop wargames, Warmachine and Hordes. A new version of the Iron Kingdoms RPG came out a little while ago.