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2013-11-02, 12:08 PM
Bloodlines are (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11487854) cool (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPGTizdGwSc). Unfortunately, they don't work well in e6 where trading away one or two levels can be truly crippling. The reduced point buy based on LA thing could work, but then you'd have to problems both of reducing a characters point buy as they gained levels and of players using the extra benefits of bloodline levels to be treated as though they were a higher level than they are. This is a set of feats designed to patch the problem in a sane way.
(I use fraction BAB and saves along with average hit points in e6, these feats are written assuming you will be too.)

Strong Blood
Your heritage gives you more benefits than it does to others.
Prerequisites: One or more bloodline levels
Benefit: In addition to its normal benefits, one of your bloodline levels grants you a single 1d4 hit die referred to as a bloodline hit die. Bloodline hit dice have a poor base attack bonus, no good saves and 2+int skill points per level. The bloodline hit die's class skills are any skill the bloodline would have given a bonus to across its full 20 level progression.
Special: This feat may be taken as many times as you have bloodline levels.

Combative Blood
The song of war flows through your veins.
Prerequisites: Strong Blood
Benefit: Bloodline hit dice you possess have a good base attack bonus(as fighter).

Skilled Blood
Your blood contains the expertise of your ancestors.
Prerequisites: Strong Blood
Benefit: Bloodline hit dice you possess grant an additional 3 skill points per level. You may select any 3 skills and have them count as class skills for your bloodline hit dice.
Special: This feat may be taken twice.

Tough Blood
The resilience of your ancestors is passed on to you.
Prerequisites: Strong Blood
Benefit: The size of your bloodline hit dice is increased as follows: d4->d6->d8->d12. Additionally, you may select one type of saving throw and have it be a good saving throw for your bloodline hit dice.
Special: This feat may be taken up to three times, its effects stack.

Obscure Blood
Your blood gives you strange and unusual abilities.
Prerequisites: Strong Blood
Benefit: Select a class you possess at least one level in. Bloodline hit dice you possess count as being a certain number of levels in that class for the purpose of progressing its class features aside from base attack bonus, skills and saves. The number of levels is based on what sort of class it is as shown in the table below, if it falls into multiple categories use the lowest number. If you possess only a single bloodline level, you gain double the normal benefit from this feat.
{table=head]Type|Levels/Bloodline Level
Partial Caster/Manifester|1/3
Truenamer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90961)|1/4
Full Caster/Manifester|1/5[/table]
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times, its effects stack. After rounding, you may not be treated as having more total levels in classes from this feat than you have bloodline levels. The effects of this feat overlap with a bloodline level's normal progression of class features, they do not stack. If this feat is being used with a homebrew class the GM has the right to assign any number of levels to it regardless of where it would fall on the table above.

Let me know if I left anything off that table. So, thoughts?

2013-11-03, 07:35 PM
Added class skills because I realized they were probably needed. Let's see if people are still as thoroughly uninterested the second time around.