View Full Version : Monsters as PCs; Hit Dice governing Feats?

2013-11-13, 05:25 PM
I keep reading that when using a Monster, the number of Feats you gain are governed instead by the amount of hit dice you have. I can not however find a single table the express how many hit dice you need to get additional Feats.

Can anyone give me some information on this? For instance I hear that the Gloura from Underdark gets +3 Bonus Feats as a 1st Level character due to having 7d6 Fey Hit Dice. The best I can come up with logically is after the first hit dice, every two grants one additional Bonus Feat because that would allow the math to make sense; 1d6 = 0, 2d6 = 0, 3d6 = 1, 4d6 = 1, 5d6 = 2, 6d6 = 2, 7d6 = 3.

However, when I see tables for other creatures I see widely different things. I forget the books but I've seen it listed as "Blah blah hit dice grant it +2 bonus feats" or "blah blah hit dice grant it +4 bonus feats", but the amount of HD is never consistent.

Is there an actual table or method to figure this stuff out?

2013-11-13, 05:28 PM
Hit dice work in exactly the same way as levels. You get one feat at level 1 or 1 HD, then another at level 3 or 3 HD and every three levels/HD afterwards.

2013-11-13, 06:10 PM
Yea, class levels are basically hit dice and vice versa.