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2013-11-18, 02:08 PM
Wildly Work In Progress.

Working on a couple small towns here. Dyson and Alamose. Both are places in Unther. Alamose along the coast part way between Unthalass and Shussel, and Dyson, a small logging town on the border of the Methwood.

Population In Town: 520
Population ten miles surrounding: 1350
Barony: Baron Faronquat
Mayor: Mr. Thars Shipston
Races: 60% human, 30% elf, 10% other
Businesses of Note:

Boar's Heart Tavern: poor man's drinking establishment
Fine Grain Inn: Inn of good but rough quality
Shayla's Goods: generic shop of common items, only a few healing potions
Barthol's Emporium: magic shop, apothecary, and healer, cash limit 500 gp
Witch Holly: wise woman/alchemist/healer, serves the poorer folk
Hide the Fire: combination Blacksmith and Leatherwork shop. (married familes)
Temple of Lathandir: Thomas Aquins, Cleric 5. Two "clerics" level 1.
Grove of Mielikki: out of town slightly, served by Gershom, Centaur Druid 6

Guard Captain: Capt. Miles Staffish. Fighter 2. Ranger 4.
Guard: 10 permanent members (warriors 2), 30 in the reserves (warriors 1), 50% of population know how to shoot a bow at a total of +2 to hit.

A logging, hunting, and farming town, Dyson harvests wood from the Methwood, but has learned to do it with care as the denizens of Methwood only barely tolerate their actions. Hunting, fishing, farming, and some minor textiles provide the rest of the economy. Most of the raw goods get shipped east along the road to Alamose. The caravans typically pick up produce from the farms and tiny towns along the way, and bringing finished goods and exotic (for Dyson) goods back from Alamose, distributing along the way back.

The baron is rather cheap as far as improving anything, but has learned via a minor rebellion to keep a light hand as far as taxes go too. His home is nearly 40 miles toward Alamose, and 75% of the time he actually stays in Alamose.
Recent History:

The town was on decline thanks to the Baron's neglect and high taxes. The residents were becoming more and more intransigent in paying taxes, and finally Faronquat hired Capt. Staffish to take some troops and forcibly take the taxes owed. On arriving and seeing the situation, Capt. Staffish sided with the town and forced a compromise - the town would start paying more taxes if the baron started paying for some upkeeps.

It worked and Capt Staffish was installed as the Captain of the Guard. It worked for him and while the town was unhappy at first, his military skills quickly brought safety back to the town and he is generally accepted by the residents.

A year ago there was an outbreak of undead, the source a small keep several miles into the forest where a goblin with magical abilities was raising undead for his grandiose plans. Three adventurers stopped him solidly.

However, a recent uptick of aberrations in the area have heavily strained the town and his capabilities. The town used to have just a sharpened stick wall for protection, but they are frantically building it up to a proper fortification because of the far more frequent attacks by more powerful creatures.

Population In City: 8800
Population ten miles surrounding: 14300
City Council:
Lord Berryn Thorsgood (Wizard 5, Aristocrat 9)
Lord Sean Steelson (Wizard 4, Aristocrat 9)
Lady Margaret Shipper (Wizard 9, Aristocrat 2)
Lady Aliette Marshoof (Wizard 3, Aristocrat 9)
Lord Dyck Grayssoon (Sorcerer 9, Aristocrat 4)
Races: 50% human, 20% elf, 15% halfling, 5% dwarf, 10% other
Businesses of Note:
Cote Dragoon: city's highest class restaurant and inn
Leviathan: Adventurer's Inn
Art's Caparison: Magical adventuring gear. Buys magic equip at 90%.
Halaster's Magic: magic scrolls, potions, wands.
Other Magic Stores: Dragon's Tongue, Magic Works, Sea Magic, High Magic
25,000 GP limit
Temples: Most deities have an unofficial presence, but only Umberlee, Deep Sashelas, and Lathandir have official temples. Each of these are small and kept under strict control.

Lord Captain: Lord Chiles Thorsgood. Fighter 14, Wizard 5
Arcane Defense: 4 wizards, levels 9 to 6. 11 adepts levels 6 to 4.
City Guard: 150 trained (warriors levels 11 through 3)
City Navy: 8 frigates, 6 sloops, 420 trained sailors
Until Unthalass fell, Alamose was a small shipping and fishing town of barely 1000 people. It primarily shipped goods by sea and land too and from other much larger cities and the local region's towns, stretching as far as Dyson to the west.

Upon Unthalass' fall, Alamose became the primary seaport in the southern part of Unther. It has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. It has also become a primary navy resupply port during the war.