View Full Version : Dibs on Dice!!!

2007-01-12, 12:54 AM
I love it!!! I've been literally laughing for about 5 minutes.

Oh thats awesome, you guys rock!!!

2007-01-12, 04:49 AM
ooookay, could someone try to explain me this pun ? Pretty please :)

2007-01-12, 05:12 AM
Not a pun. Now that Parson has disappeared, and noone knows why or how long, one of them call dibs on his dice. In other words, the 'claim' the dice as their part of the loot.

The might separate his belongings between them, but the values of each item obviously differ. By calling 'dibs', you can make sure you get the bit you want. Thus, by calling dibs on the dice (and being annoyed that they didn't do it first), they show that to their minds, dice are amoung the most important of Parson's possessions.

That might not make complete sense, but I tried.

2007-01-12, 06:14 AM
I think I get it, thanks

2007-01-12, 08:00 AM
I think the humour comes from the fact that Parson has just snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of blue light, and the others are unfazed by it to a fairly comical degree...

2007-01-12, 08:03 AM
None of his friends seem to concerned about him vanishing in a giant blue flash of light :smallsmile:

2007-01-12, 08:47 AM
None of his friends seem to concerned about him vanishing in a giant blue flash of light :smallsmile:

Hey, it's not like they care about him or anything. :tongue:

2007-01-12, 10:20 AM

*giggles some more*

Sounds like a fairly typical RPG group ... or adventuring party, for that matter.


2007-01-12, 11:08 AM
And that was why it was so funny. Like the Dead Alewives sketch.

In fact, exactly like. I can even picture the voices.

2007-01-12, 12:12 PM
it's a quote for the ages.

Tharj TreeSmiter
2007-01-12, 04:57 PM
that was probably the first time I've actually laughed from an erfworld strip. They are getting better. Still wouldn't buy an erfwolrd book but i'll certainly keep reading it.