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2013-12-02, 10:50 AM

Currently i am working on a campaign to start with some friends/coworkers utilizing D&D Next Final play test release.

I decided to base it in Eberron, in a campaign involving Vol, mostly because I've found her interesting as of late.

So i have a couple questions;
1: Has anyone homebrewed a D&D next Artificer?
2: If so, is there a link that you may provide?
3: If not, any suggestions as to how to go about building an artificer for D&D next?
4: What about changeling, and shifter races? Warforged, while lackluster is already provided.
5: And, how should i go about implementing dragonmarks, I was considering bringing 3.5 feat advancement into D&D next. and adding feats, OR using a 4e theme, to implement them, Since for example Rogue has assassin and thief he can choose from, i was thinking of making the "Theme" a non class specific option to choose from instead of the class option since that.

And a couple other non essential but it piqued my interest questions.
1: I had the though of a path that the PC's could take would be to help vol find her phylactery, maybe journey to arenal. not that this is an evil campaign, but other than being insane after several thousand years of undeath, I feel bad for vol, since she didnt choose any of her circumstances.
2: If Vol's mark isnt a least/lesser/greater/siberys mark, but a higher mark because of her dragon blood. would that make it an aberrant mark?
3: What would the mark do? i have thoughts, and will post them for the rest of the mark of death, when i find the notes, as to what it doesnt, but Vol is a living eldritch machine(according to Keith baker in his articles), similar to the cannith creation forges, and Airships.
4: If being a half dragon with a dragonmark makes your mark super powered, what would half dragons of the other houses have as marks?
5: I had thoughts of the Keeper being the main BBEG, since he is well, evil. and in my mind, Vol didnt choose her lot, just became bitter and insane because of it, is more of a neutral character. That, and i dont use alignment system anyways so those really dont matter. I wanted a morally challenging story for the PC's to play, and helping Vol ascend to godhood/become living again, may be just the trick to do it. any opinions.