View Full Version : Power points using items [Help wanted]

2013-12-05, 06:37 AM
I've recently delved into a new campaign where i wanted to give my fighters and rogues a wee bit more possibilities in fight.

I'm using Vancian magic with the excellent psionic power point adaptation which you can find here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=194002)), and have decided to give my BSFs a power point pool equal to 1/3 of those of mages the same level.

To use these power points (PP), i've created a large database of items using them in three diferent ways :

-Reserving : Those items flat out negate a fraction of your total reserve, regained 24h after removing the item

-Draining on use : Those items drain PP every time you use their ability

-Draining constantly : Those items drain PP at a steady rate

So far it's proving actually awesome, since most items need a swift action to activate, i found it increased the tactical choices given to players, without unbalancing the game.

The main problem is : how to rate how much a spell-like ability is worth on any of those 3 Powerpoints using capacity...

As of now i'm going for 1 Reserved PP for every +1 passive enhancement of the item worn (like sheen or resistance) but the activated abilities are a lot harder to judge.

For example, how much PP should be used on a :
+3d6 fire damage on one strike (curently rated 3PP)

Standard action 20ft teleport (Also curently rated 3PP)

Swift action Rage (+4str/+4con-2ac, for 5 rounds, fatigued after) (Curently rated 2PP)

I'm trying to use the price a mage of equal level would pay pour such a spell, but i really need a feedback or an enlightened view on the balance of this mechanic as a whole