View Full Version : Points to hit on in flavor text for Prestige Classes (d20/3.5/PF)?

2013-12-06, 05:01 AM
So I've been working on translating the mental conception I've had of a couple of prestige classes into flavor text write-ups, and while I think I'm about in the right ballpark as far as the format I've chosen to draw upon for my template, I keep having a niggling sensation like I'm forgetting some crucial component between organizations, the prestige class in the world vs. the prestige class in the game, and the rest. Largely because the rubric, such as I have in my mind is slightly hazy and that in and of itself creates a confidence issue, and while I've been reading over flavor text entries, I figured it'd probably be quicker to just ask what an actual audience looks for and expects.

So... yeah, what's your favored format, and what are the crucial points to hit upon within that framework?