View Full Version : Book of Infinite Knowledge (Pricing Advice Requested)

2013-12-16, 01:51 PM
Hello Playground!

My DM is creating a custom magic item for a campaign and would like some advice regarding its price point. It works similarly to the Scrolls of Uncertian Provenance or the Crystal Masks of Knowledge(MiC).

Book of Infinite Knowledge

Cost: 10,000 gp

You can spend 3 days, 1250 gp, and 100XP to imbue this book with a particular kind of knowledge (corresponding to the different Knowledge skills). You must have at least 5 ranks in the Knowledge skill you wish to imbue the book with. While the book is in your possession, you gain a +5 competence bonus on all Knowledge checks of each type which you have imbued into the Book of Infinite Knowledge. You cannot imbue the book with the same Knowledge skill more than once.

What is the opinion of the Playground? The imbuing ritual is a necessary part of the item, though its costs could be altered. The biggest thing we need help with is choosing the gp cost of the item.

Thanks in advance.