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2013-12-17, 09:50 AM
GM stands for General of Modos, by the way...

Homebrew in 50 words or less:

- Three abilities: physical, mental, metaphysical
- All contests are rolled d20 style: die + ability mod + skill
- Hit points, AC, saves, alignment, cross-class, bonus types, and AoOs removed for simplicity.
- Take half. Instead of rolling take half the highest result, anytime.
- Classless. Or more accurately, design-your-own.
- Hero points. Gain a contest modifier per level, every day.
- Roleplaying. Regain hero points for playing your character well.
- Anyone can cast spells (which can be magic, super-powers, or psionics).
- Easy combat. Three actions per round, only two places to stand.

Opinions wanted! The first rulebook edition is being patched together here:

And play-by-chat will be happening here: