View Full Version : Artificer Tweak: Craft Construct

2014-01-11, 03:00 PM
I'm about to start work on a campaign in a region of my campaign setting where the Artificer makes a lot more sense than in most other places, and I'm looking at the class and what it gives players. I've not decided one way or the other yet if I'll be using 3.5 or Pathfinder (in which case I'd need to use an Artificer variant anyway) but for now I'm looking at the 3.5 one.

Specifically, I'm looking at Craft Homunculus. I've also been looking at the differences between it and Craft Construct, and what both feats offer. And really... given the huge cost differences between the two options, I'm considering turning the class feature into effectively being a modified version of Craft Construct anyway. I mean, a lot of the fun smaller constructs in different monster manuals even say "By the way, if you're an artificer you can make this with the following slight changes and a pint of blood..."

Apart from the fact that I'd be giving Artificer players what amounts to a free extra feat (assuming they're interested in construct making anyway), would this be opening myself up to any game-breaking problems? The only one I can see would be making sure to remind players that the Improved Homunculus feat could still only be used for monsters that they're treating as Homunculi (so, no Stone Golems gaining all the fun extra abilities.) It seems that the gold piece limitations on golems and such is already pretty steep, so by the time a player might be able to abuse that kind of thing they're looking at some reasonable hurdles.