View Full Version : Congrats on recent Art Style.

2007-01-23, 09:28 AM
I must say I was slightly flabberghasted (is that an oxymoron? Maybe.) by the quality of artwork between strips 14-16. To the point where I bothered to read the rest of the strips, and was disappointed. Oh, the humour was passable, and I realise the other major content provider here draws with stick figures (nice stick figures, very nice stick figures, but stick figures nonetheless, please don't hurt me) but at least those are easily interpreted. By which I mean not requiring more suspension of disbelief than Salvador Dali revamping the Golden Gate. Okay, uncalled for.
But I submit this earnest entreaty- dearest Rob and Jamie (can I call you Rob and Jamie? Thanks) could you please, please, pretty please with insulin-panic diabetes-inducing doses of sugar on top, possibly keep the current style- of writing and illustration- as lucid and engaging as I found your representation of our paltry reality. I know- it's meant to come across as surreal and cartoonish by contrast, but had I known you what you two were capable of I would have been reading rather sooner.
Much obliged.