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2007-01-25, 07:47 PM
i'm a long time OotS and PartiallyClips reader... but Erfworld ist by far the best comic i've ever had the great pleasure of reading and re-reading... and still re-reading again...
the layered jokes, in-jokes, subtle hints make it worth starting from the very first strip to the current one each time!
THANKS A LOT!!! you two are a wonderful combination of beautiful art, cunning dialogues and a - if not several - good story/ies(*)...

has ANYONE in this forum (not the authors obviously) more info on the erfworld cryptochallenge (if it is indeed one, and not a red herring (sorry: red hewwing)) and is willing to share it??? i know i haven't got the complete text, yet...

in awe and wonder

(*) so far, it probably will get even better :-)

2007-01-25, 11:09 PM
...what are you talking about?

Hart av Srednak
2007-01-26, 05:28 AM
If by cryptochallenge you mean opening hidden meanings of words and names (like: Wanda Firebaugh= wand of fireball and Parson Gotti=protagonist) then there is thread where it's done, namely "pun translations". There is other stuff also but I haven't seen another thread consentrating that much on opening hidden meanings.

2007-01-26, 07:20 AM
hmm... i was thinking more in the lines of nDzYHfTRGETPg70soKn and so on... ok, think i'll just have to wait a few months... :smalleek:

or i may have misinterpreted something i saw...
nevermind, i'm an idiot
~close~ (how do i deleted my thread?)

2007-01-26, 09:57 AM
Erfmod: Thread locked by OP's request.