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Monk of reason
2014-02-03, 04:52 AM
Its named after its creator and it kinda stuck. Basically its an overpowered gestalt system that makes for insane character builds but has the horrific side effect of encouraging power playing and broken characters.

The way the system works is similar to the normal gestalt system which incurs special rules when certain feats are applied (such as not being able to exceed your own HD when boosting caster level or stacking levels for benefits such as ascetic hunter and what not).

However the differences first arise when you see the number of classes. Instead of playing 2 character classes at once you have 3. So at level 1 you will have an effective character level of 1 but be a first level of 3 different classes of your choice. A few classes that are banned from this kind of gestalt is monster progression classes (as that gets more broken even faster than usual broken for this kind of campaign).

There is a catch however. One must prestige into a prestige class as soon as possible for the planned path. So I can't simply have Rouge, Ninja and Warrior with 30d6 sneak attack damage at level 20. Though the bonus is that one of your three classes you get to keep and you continue with one base class and one prestige class.

For example my character which is fairly simple copaired to some of the overly complicated builds I've seen in the group is a cavalier build. Currently he is lv19.

The three base classes were Paladin, Fighter, Knight. At level 8 I had 8 levels of each. On the 9th level my character was a level 9 Paladin/8 fighter/8 knight/1 Cavalier. and currently he is now 19 Paladin/10 Cavalier/ 8 fighter/ 8 knight with an HD of 19.

The content of the game itself is usually cannon but the system itself is homebrew. Its pretty fun but it gets out of control fast. A few people have more or less broken the game with characters that have so much synergy that they would easily be considered epics without getting close to level 10. Some that were brought to mind was a Magic Missile mage warmage/Wu jen/spellcaster into Magic Missile force mage with all feats based on metamagic and decreasing metamagic costs. Another is a bowmen who slayed nearly everything in a single full round.

So beware if you are a DM and decide to undergo such a system.