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2014-02-16, 07:17 PM
Been playing with the idea of fighters. The folks at Paizo have stated that they don't want the martial classes to be the herculean superhuman monsters that they're supposed to be, letting magic outshine them in every aspect. As a result, I decided to write up a crude outline of what I want fighters to be.

My main focus here is to give them more options in regards to how they can act in combat and out of combat, and pandering to the idea of full attacks, since that is their bread and butter.

Alignment: Any.
Hit Die: d10.
Starting Wealth: 5d6 x 10 gp (average 175gp.) In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Class Skills
The fighter's class skills are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int),Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).
Skill Ranks Per Level: 2 + Int modifier.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Bonus feat, thunderous stomp

+1|Bonus feat, heroism

+1|Armor training

+1|Bonus feat

+1|Weapon training

+2|Bonus feat, lionhearted stride

+2|Armor training

+3|Bonus feat, booming voice

+3|Weapon training

+3|Bonus feat

+3|Armor training

+4|Bonus feat, heroic defiance

+4|Weapon training

+4|Bonus feat

+5|Armor training

+5|Bonus feat, titanic strength

+5|Weapon training

+6|Bonus feat

+6|Armor mastery

+6|Bonus feat, weapon mastery[/table]

Class Features
The following are class features of the fighter.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).

Thunderous Stomp (Ex)
At 1st level the fighter can let loose a herculean stomp that echoes with a clap of thunder as a move action. The fighter may attempt a thunderous stomp a number of times per day equal to his fighter level. All creatures within five feet of the fighter suffer 1d4 damage and suffer a -2 penalty to all attack rolls for 1d4 rounds. A successful Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + ½ your character level + your Str modifier) will halve the damage and negate the penalty.

In addition, the fighter may substitute any number of his additional attacks during a full-attack action with a thunderous stomp.

At 8th level the damage increases to 1d6, and the penalty to -4.
At 16th level the damage increases to 1d8, and the penalty to -6.
At 20th level the damage increases to 1d10, the penalty to -8, and the radius of the stomp to 10ft.

Bonus Feats
At 1st level, and at every even level thereafter, a fighter gains a bonus feat in addition to those gained from normal advancement (meaning that the fighter gains a feat at every level). These bonus feats must be selected from those listed as Combat Feats, sometimes also called “fighter bonus feats.”

Upon reaching 4th level, and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12th, and so on), a fighter can choose to learn a new bonus feat in place of a bonus feat he has already learned. In effect, the fighter loses the bonus feat in exchange for the new one. The old feat cannot be one that was used as a prerequisite for another feat, prestige class, or other ability. A fighter can only change one feat at any given level and must choose whether or not to swap the feat at the time he gains a new bonus feat for the level.

Heroism (Ex)
Starting at 2nd level, a fighter gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against fear and mind-altering effects. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.

Armor Training (Ex)
Starting at 3rd level, a fighter learns to be more maneuverable while wearing armor. Whenever he is wearing armor, he reduces the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by his armor by 1. Every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and 15th), these bonuses increase by +1 each time, to a maximum –4 reduction of the armor check penalty and a +4 increase of the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed.

In addition, a fighter can also move at his normal speed while wearing medium armor. At 7th level, a fighter can move at his normal speed while wearing heavy armor.

Weapon Training (Ex)
Starting at 5th level, a fighter can select one group of weapons, as noted below. Whenever he attacks with a weapon from this group, he gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls.

Every four levels thereafter (9th, 13th, and 17th), a fighter becomes further trained in another group of weapons. He gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when using a weapon from this group. In addition, the bonuses granted by previous weapon groups increase by +1 each. For example, when a fighter reaches 9th level, he receives a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with one weapon group and a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls with the weapon group selected at 5th level. Bonuses granted from overlapping groups do not stack. Take the highest bonus granted for a weapon if it resides in two or more groups.

A fighter also adds this bonus to any combat maneuver checks made with weapons from this group. This bonus also applies to the fighter's Combat Maneuver Defense when defending against disarm and sunder attempts made against weapons from this group.

Lionhearted Stride (Ex)
At 6th level the fighter can leap across the field of battle, unhindered by terrain and land near his desired target, striking a blow as he does. The fighter can perform this leap a number of times equal to half his fighter level plus his strength modifier. The fighter performs this action as if he were charging, but instead hurls himself through the air ignoring difficult terrain and obstacles no higher than 10ft, landing adjacent to his target. The fighter may substitute their optional melee attack with a Thunderous Stomp.

The fighter does not suffer fall damage from this effect unless disturbed mid-flight by an unforeseen obstacle, or is struck by an attack of opportunity. The fighter may still perform Acrobatics checks in an attempt to circumvent any attacks he may incur, albeit at a -2 penalty in addition to any penalties that may accumulate from attempting to dodge more than one attack per round. Should the fighter meet with a solid object mid-flight he may perform a Strength check to burst through the object, however, should he fail this check he strikes the object taking 1d4 damage per 10ft. of travel (measured by squares on the ground) he had left to reach his target relative to the object he is striking, and falls vertically down suffering fall damage as per usual. If the fighter does not strike a solid object, but instead is disturbed mid-flight, the fighter must make an Acrobatics check whose DC is equal to twice the damage caused by the attack +5 or suffer fall damage as per usual and land 1d4 squares from his desired target.

At 10th level the fighter gains tremorsense equal to twice their base speed only for the purpose of targeting foes concealed by solid objects or otherwise obstructed from view, but otherwise accessible via the verticality of Lionhearted Stride. When targeting a creature using the tremorsense function of Lionhearted Stride, the fighter is required to be aware of his target’s movement behind an object that would otherwise obscure the fighter’s line of sight to that target. For example, a fighter who witnessed a kobold ducking behind a large boulder for cover may be targeted, but a kobold hiding in a bush waiting to ambush the fighter and his party may not (unless the fighter is able to perceive the kobold with a successful perception check). In addition to this, the vertical limit increases to 15ft.

At 14th level the fighter is able to perform a full attack upon landing adjacent to his desired target, and may replace any of these attacks with a Thunderous Stomp. The +2 attack bonus granted from charging is applied only to the first attack at the fighter’s highest BAB during such a full attack. In addition, the vertical limit increases to 20ft.

The fighter is permitted to use this ability out of combat to bound atop structures, obstacles, traverse gaps, or otherwise overcome impediments on his journey, however he is unable to utilize the tremorsense function accrued at 10th level outside of combat. The action is now a full action for the purpose of this effect out of combat, and the fighter must target an unoccupied square to land in.

Booming Voice (Ex)
At 8th level the fighter may let loose a howling cry to inspire courage in his allies or strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. The fighter may perform a shout a number of times per day equal to his fighter level plus their strength modifier. Should a fighter have access to separate move actions in a single round, he may not spend his additional move actions in that round to use another shout. A fighter who is unable to speak or is otherwise silenced is unable to perform a shout.

As a move action the fighter may release a shout that shatters the resolve of every foe within a 30ft. of the fighter, reducing their AC by -2, and increasing the DC for concentration checks by +2 for 1d4 rounds. A successful Will saving throw (DC 10 + ½ your character level + your Str modifier) will negate this effect. This is considered a fear effect.

Alternatively, the fighter may spend a move action to let loose a rallying cry to instead inspire his comrades and imbue them with the vigor of battle, granting each ally within 30ft. of the fighter a +2 morale bonus to all damage for 1d4 rounds. This morale bonus does not apply to the fighter's (or any fighter's) thunderous stomp class feature.

At 14th level the reduction to AC is increased to -3 and the DC of concentration checks to 3, the increase to damage to +4, and the radius of the shout to 35ft. The duration of all shouts is increased to 1d4+1 rounds, and the fighter may substitute one of his additional attacks during a full-attack action with a shout.

At 20th level the reduction to AC is increased to -4 and the DC of concentration checks to 4, the increase to damage to +8, and the radius of the shout to 40ft. The duration of all shouts is increased to 1d6+1 rounds.

Heroic Defiance (Ex)
At 12th level the fighter defies magic with his heroic prowess may attempt to dispel an ongoing spell effect a number of times per day equal to half his constitution modifier.

The fighter performs this in the form of a sunder attempt, the spell’s CMD equal to DC 15 + caster level. If the fighter exceeds the CMD by 10 or more, the effect is dispelled. If the attempt were applied to a creature with an ongoing spell effect, the CMD is the creature’s native CMD + 5, ignoring any miss chance that would be caused by a spell or spell-like ability.

The fighter also gains a +2 bonus to saving throws against spells, spell-like effects, and supernatural abilities. This bonus increases by +1 every four levels to a maximum of +4 at 20th level.

Titanic Strength (Ex)
At 16th level, a fighter receives a +5 bonus to all strength-based skill checks and ignores any armor check penalties that are accrued by his equipment for strength-based skill checks and strength checks. The fighter’s effective carrying capacity is treated as if he receives a +5 to strength score.

Armor Mastery (Ex)
At 19th level, a fighter gains Damage Reduction 5/— whenever he is wearing armor or using a shield.

Weapon Mastery (Ex)
At 20th level, a fighter chooses one weapon, such as the longsword, greataxe, or longbow. Any attacks made with that weapon automatically confirm all critical threats and have their damage multiplier increased by 1 (×2 becomes ×3, for example). In addition, he cannot be disarmed while wielding a weapon of this type.

2014-02-16, 10:19 PM
I appreciate any feedback you may have, or thoughts on it.
Again, the purpose of building them in this manner was giving them a lot more to do than simply moving and then smacking something or just doing full attack after full attack.

I wanted them to have a bit more non-feat reliant AOE, some debuff, higher mobility, and a bit of out of combat utility since they lack the ability to be skill monkeys and they have to drop a large number of feats into combat-based feats so they can reap the better benefits of Greater-tier feats or higher ends of feat trees. In addition to that, they get largely no ability to defend themselves against magic without ergregious amounts of gold, so I wanted to give them some petty SR to shield them against poor rolls and additional saves. In retrospect, the SR may be a bit much and I may consider removing it entirely.