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2014-02-20, 02:27 AM
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Anyway, onto the project at hand.

In my homebrewed campaign setting there was only two dragons left on the planet. Not to long ago only one remained until a PC got lucky. Anyway, a campaign back my players managed to "unlock" the dragon that should have eventually been the second dragon.

His fluff:

Vutha-Loreat, or "Black-Death", was an ancient and powerful Gargantuan Black Dragon. Up until the Age of Heroes millenia ago he rules a large island chain on Origin who's name to this date still carried his name: The Isles of the Black Dragon.

Vutha-Loreat was one of the last dragons to walk among the living before their kind slipped into the stuff of legends and myths. Ironically, at a time when their numbers had dwindled to near none it was The Dragon King of the North, the dragon who would carry the title of Origin's only living dragon for thousands of years, who slayed the Black Dragon in retaliation to Vutha-Loreat attempt to expand his territory in the King of the North's realm.

However, fate would not have this be the end of the Black Death. Millenia after his death the psionically devoted and technologically advance Human city state of Angelovis would unearth his remains in a desperate attempt to defeat their mortal enemies and rival Human city state of Nakrin. Through the power of Psionics the High Artificers of Angelovis used what remained of Vutha-Loreat's of remains, combined with their trademark psionically-powered technology to fill in what gaps had long since been lost, to reconstruct his body and regrow his flesh from the cells that remained in the marrow of his bones. However, this was only the start.

The High Artificers needed to control this weapon project after they focused their mental powers together and pulled his soul back to the Material Plane through the Ethral Plane. For this reason, and to attempt to make the dragon's innate magical nature more understandable and less alien to the Psionicists, the High Artificers not only rebuilt the Black Dragon with psionically engineered parts and limbs but used those parts to channel and imbue him with innate Psionic abilities. These parts would also serve as a "collar" to control the dragon's mind when "activated".

However, when the weapon project was finished it was not immediately put into service. Debate arose among the High Artificers and even the government of Angelovis if the Psionic "collar" would indeed control the dragon. The fear of unleashing a second enemy of Nakrin proportion was too great, and the debate continued until Angelovis finally fell to Nakrin and their allies.

Vutha-Loreat would remain in stasis within the underground bunker of his re-creation for centuries until Angelovis last son, Artemisios, would come to the ruins of his ancestral home to awaken his grandfather's (Artemon, the last Head Artificer of Angelovis's High Artificers) dormant creation in the hopes of finally defeating his lost homeland's greatest enemy, the City State of Nakrin.

However, while Artemisios had his grandfather's control bracelet for Vutha-Loreat's psionic collar, the Black Death's will would not be subdued so easily. An epic-level battle of will commenced, and while close the Black Dragon would prove victorious in regaining his freedom. Artemisos and the group of adventurers who accompanied him would escape that day, but Vutha-Loreat lived again!

Shortly after his the group of adventurers who helped awaken him would reunite him with his beloved Wood Elf wife who had put herself in an endless sleep within his former island empire's main city. In appreciation Vutha-Loreat forgave the adventurers and their Artificer master.

Since then the Black Dragon has commenced a ruthless campaign to reclaim his realm island by island. Many of the islands' populace has fled to his banner,but by far not all. As the Black Death's beloved rebuilds their metropolis home he leads his armies from island to island, bringing peace and stability to those who bow or swift death to those who resist. However, will his ruthless expansion end with the Isles of the Black Dragon?

Anyway, I am half-way done converting a Reaper Miniatures Gargantuan Dragon (which looks spot on for a Black Dragon from 3.5) with Tau Empire crisis suits parts (Will post pictures soon when finished). This will hopefully be a display peace, and he will be a long-time recurring character hopefully. Hence I want to stat him up just right.

Things I am thinking of adding to the Gargantuan Black Dragon stats below:
-Adamentine DR.
-Innate Psionic abilities equal to his Arcane Magical abilities.

-I modeled a scope/weapon type part on his left mechanical/psionic arm. I'd like to stat a "Psionic Beam" style weapon for it, but not sure how to start.

-Vutha-Loreat has four "Shield Drones" (see Tau Gun/Shield Drones (https://www.google.com/search?q=tau&client=firefox-a&hs=9V4&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=oKYFU6CDIYmMyQGxhYHYCw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ#channel=sb&q=tau+shield+drones&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&imgdii=_)). They will each have two lesser "Psionic Beam" weapons on them, and as long as they are within 100ft (or should it be 200ft?) of the Dragon they will grant him:
a) A cumulative10 DR/- (total 40 DR/- if all four drones are operational and within range).
b) Since Magic and Psionics are not the same in my cosmology, and they being Psionic based shields, they each grant a cumulative 25% chance spells will not affect Vitha-Loreat (total 100% immunity to spells if all four drones are operational and within range).
Note: Basically, IF players of a high enough level decide to fight Lutha-Loreat they will have to figure out they need to take out the drones before they can defeat the Black Dragon.

Vutha-Loreat ("Black-Death" in Draconic)
Black Dragon, Wyrm CR ?
Neutral Evil Gargantuan Dragon (Water and Living Construct Subtypes)
Init +4 (+0 dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
AC 45 FF 45 Touch 6
(-4 size, +33 natural, +6 Adamantine Components)
HD: 34
HP: 595 (34d12+374)
Fort +30 Ref +19 Will +23
Speed 60 ft., fly 200 ft. (clumsy), swim 60 ft.
Base Atk +34 Grp +58
Attack: Bite +43 4d6+12
Max Power Attack: Bite +9 4d6+46
Half Power Attack: Bite +26 4d6+29
Full Attack: Bite +43 4d6+12, 2 Claws +37 2d8+6, 2 Wings +37 2d6+6, Tail Slap +37 2d8+6
Space 20 ft. (4 squares) Reach 15 ft. (3 squares)
Abilities Str 35(+12) Dex 10(+0) Con 32(+11) Int 18(+4) Wis 19(+4) Cha 18(+4)
Total Feats: 12
Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Empower Spell, Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Initiative, Maximize Spell, Power Attack, Snatch, Weapon Focus(bite), Weapon Focus(claw), Wingover
Skill Points: 370
Skills: Concentration +37, Diplomacy +34, Escape Artist +30, Hide +30, Intimidate +34, Listen +34, Move Silently +30, Search +34, Sense Motive +34, Spot +34, Swim +42, Use Magic Device +34
Blindsense(Ex): 60 ft.
corrupt water(Ex):
Damage reduction(Ex): 20/magic, 3/-
Darkvision(Ex): 120 ft.
immunity to acid(Ex):
immunity to paralysis, poison, sleep effects, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and energy drain(Ex):
insect plague(Ex):
keen senses(Ex):
plant growth(Ex):
Spell resistance(Ex): 26
Spells (caster level(Ex): 13th)
Psionic Powers (manifester level(Ex): 13th)
Powers Known:

water breathing(Ex):
Breath Weapon(Su): Reflex save DC 38(+17 HD, +0 Racial, +11 Con, +0 Feat)
120 ft. Line of acid - 22d4 damage

Bionic Eye (EX):
Vutha-Loreat left bionic eye receives continuous sensory data from his four Shield Drones. Therefore, as long as one or more Shield Drones are active and operational within 100ft of Vutha-Loreat he can not be flanked. In addition, the Shield Drones' advance sensors extend Vutha-Loreat's Blindsense to 200ft, and allows Vutha-Loreat to see invisible creatures and objects as the See Invisibility spell up to 200ft.

Psionic Force Field (Ex):
Each Shield Drone which is active and operational within 100ft of Vutha-Loreat grants him a cumulative 10DR/- In addition each Shield Drone which is active and operational within 100ft of Vutha-Loreat grants a cumulative 25% chance magical spells will not affect Vitha-Loreat.

Example: If all four of Vutha-Loreat's Shield Drones were active and operation within a 100ft of him he would receive a total of 40 DR/-, and be 100% immune to magical spells. If later one Shield Drone were destroyed in battle Vutha-Loreat's DR would go down to 30 DR/-, and his chance of magical spells not affecting him would drop to 75%.

Please let me know your opinions, and if you have any ideas in addition to mine, or whatever you may think of. Thanks! :)

2014-02-20, 11:46 AM
1. I would say he gains the Living Construct subtype described assuming they actually revived him. You then can look at Warforged components and feats to start decking himself out. Otherwise Undead should work.
2. I say he would be a Psion manifesting of his equivalent caster level. You can choose which discipline to focus in as it affects what he can choose.

2014-02-22, 12:16 AM
Thanks Amnoriath!

I've done some work on him so far. Please let see my original post and tell me what you think so far.

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He TaiLiu. It went very, very well. Thank you for asking. :)
:smallsmile: No problem. How many of our suggestions did you incorporate?

2014-02-22, 02:18 PM
Thanks Amnoriath!

I've done some work on him so far. Please let see my original post and tell me what you think so far.

You just need to eliminate the caster level and switch the metamagics to metapowers. You also need to give the stats of the drones. Finally, I would suggest looking into an ability similar to the Adamantine Body feat to give some more mechanical themed features(fortification, DR without the drones..etc).